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Title 38.jpg (41657 bytes)WTO claims to promote free and fair trade and has emerged as an extremely influential organization to achieve this primary objective. With over 140 members WTO serves as a negotiator, monitor, dispute settler simultaneously. PAGE highlights the functioning of the organization and its impact on the developing country like Pakistan.




History's worst terrorist attack in New York and Washington has its own fall out all over the world. It is the time all peace loving countries, believing in true nationality is mankind, should react promptly against whosoever sheds man's blood or crushes the human values. More responsibility rest on the developed nations to brush aside all sorts of considerations for the countries involved in violence or terror so that the smaller or developing nations could join hands against terrorism. We should realize the pinch of others also and not the bite of our own shoes alone.

President Pervez Musharraf has given a go ahead for the completion of KESC - Hubco direct transmission link. Brig. Tariq Saddozai, newly appointed managing director KESC says inducting army management in KESC aims to streamline working of the corporation in a manner that the problems faced by the genuine consumers are resolved without any recommendation or "sifarish" while the corrupt both within the organization or the consumers are dealt with iron hand.

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