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Karachi to have textile exhibition in October

Sep 10 - 16, 2001

Mr. Asim Siddiqui is a young, dynamic entrepreneur, now about to organise an international exhibition on Textile Industry of Pakistan under the name Texofab: 2001

Earlier, he has had organised IDEAS 2000, an exhibition about Pakistan's growing arms industry, which was a great success and was hailed by all and sundry.

Mr. Asim is hopeful that the international exhibition on Textile Industry will also be a successful like IDEAS 2000, and will give a boost to the Textile Industry of Pakistan. Following are excerpts from an interview he gave to Mr. Agha Masood:

Q. You are organising Texofab in Karachi in the month of October, what is the main objective behind the exhibition?

A: The main objective of this exhibition is to increase exports. This exhibition is a venture of Export Promotion Bureau. They have appointed Pegasus to organise this exhibition.

Our objective is to raise the profile of our textile and garment industry, which is the backbone of the Pakistani economy and our exports. The unit price of our exports has steadily been declining and one of the main reasons cited is the low quality perception in the mind of international buyers.

EPB and Pegasus jointly aim to create a platform (Texofab) where our products and their manufacturers are professionally projected to the international buyers.

Not only this, but Texofab will be an ideal platform to make alliances in the value chain, vertical and horizontal associations will be established in the exhibition.

Q. How many foreign participants do you expect to attend the exhibition?

A: We have invited buyers from all over world, from Malaysia to the USA. We expect at least 100 buyers to visit our exhibition.

Q. What is the response of local textile manufacturers to the exhibition?

A: The response from the local manufacturers has been overwhelming. In a short period of one month of our marketing, we have already reserved 4% of our available space. It seems that the industry was waiting for an opportunity to display the dynamism and the vibrance present in our textile and garment sector.

Q: Are you facing some problems in organising the exhibition? If yes, could you kindly elucidate?

A: So far the problems being faced are typical of an infant industry. There are many areas where the support and services required for an exhibition are missing. However, with the experience of IDEAS 2000 behind us, we are trying to fill the void by developing our own services. A good example of this is the act that we have hired our own designers to design the stalls of our exhibitors, so that we can provide them with customised solutions for the most professional projection of their products.

Q. Do you think that time is short for this exhibition? Will you compensate it by accelerating the pace of publicity?

A: Time is very short for this exhibition, we were given a time frame of a little over three months. But we had the concept clear as to what we wanted to achieve and how we were going to work towards it. I remember when we were making the timeline, I had to relate to my staff that there seems to be not much time, so we only have to list the activities and just get on with things.

As I mentioned, the response has been very good from the local manufacturers, or foreign missions abroad and the buyers that we have invited. So, we are hopeful that we will be able to successfully execute the task given to us by promoting the textile and garment industry of Pakistan.