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Let us be partners in prosperity

By Raja Mirchoo Mal Khatri
Sep 10 - 16, 2001

It is told that there is a woman behind success story of a man. Women, which is the symbol of love, affection, beauty, care which give the word to our tongue and we use same language as our mother speaks, women which posses more than 50% of our national population. When we glance at the fifty-year history of Pakistan we see that our women are still in the web of out fashioned social setup.

In this male dominated society women are the victim of shortsightedness and social restrictions, when we glance over the newspaper that is full of sad stories regarding women victims like Karo Kari, Suicide, parents usually do not allow their daughters for job or any business.

In this core issue every Government made policies but they did not come on their promise but present Government seems to be serious and started various projects regarding women as they become responsible and sit with Policy makers of the country, for that purpose national commission on women about to establish and every ministry is instructed to introduce projects and programmes regarding this issue as women multiply the feed back to export and development of the country.

To give the real shape to this commitment Export Promotion Bureau Pakistan took the first step for the advancement of the women and established the women network called WEXNET which is the helpdesk for the women who are presently active in the field of manufacturing and exports, beside, it aims to provide guidance to those progressive and talented women who are eager to start their own businesses. Wexnet will serve as the bridge between the women manufacturers and exporters and international market wholesale buyers and trading houses. In collaboration with public and private sector WEXNET will become institutional arrangement for providing training and guidance on product upgradation and adaptation branding and marketing.

Following objectives were set by EPB for establishing Wexnet.

1. Development and increase the database of women exporters by providing them an opportunity to exhibit their products in annual exhibition.
2. Identify the need of women entrepreneur through a consultative process.
Link women entrepreneur with the chambers and trade bodies.
4. Enhance and polish the skills of women entrepreneur by providing them the training.
5. As follow-up of the exhibition and seminar, arrange training programmes for women exporters in areas identified by the participants.
6. Networking amongst institutes working for the advancement of women entrepreneurs.
7. Formulate strategy for brand development and guidance for product upgradation.
8. Provide international market through participation in international trade fairs.
9. To link up women with retailers, trade houses and wholesale buyers.

Minister of State and Chairman Export Promotion Bureau Tariq Ikram inaugurated the exhibition on August 22, 2001. There were 65 participants participating from Sindh and Balochistan. Tariq Ikram was looking happy and confident to see products and he was confident that these products have great potential in international market.

There was wide range of products like Textile and Garments, Candles, Rice, Handicrafts, Jewelry, Bamboo Crafts, Textile Designing and Furniture.

During exhibition good number of enquiries and orders received by the exhibitor and spot selling was allowed for last two days, which have attracted good number of visitors.

On last day of exhibition there was seminar arranged by EPB on second floor of expo center. The seminar started with Tilawat-e-Pak, after that speech made by Director Wexnet Aisha Humera whose day and night hard working resulted in the shape of successful completion of WEXNET 2001. Inaugural address made by Vice Chairman EPB Aijaz Ahmed Qureshi, Mrs. Zarine Aziz President First Women Bank spoke on financing schemes for women entrepreneur, Mrs. Rukhsana Shah Director EPB Lahore spoke on the EPB's policy on women entrepreneurs. During the exhibition survey was conducted by Mr. Azam Roomi Manager SMEDC, LUMS Lahore.


1. Forum, organization or Chamber for women entrepreneurs with help of NGO's should be established which will be very helpful for them.
2. There should be training programme for women entrepreneurs as they can handle matters regarding Management and Marketing.z
3. There should be financing policy on easy conditions for women entrepreneurs.
4. In every national or international exhibition there should be space specified for women entrepreneurs or their products and brochures should be displayed in every exhibition.
5. Database of women entrepreneurs should be established and find out new talent throughout the country.

In last I would like to request to our parents and elders please give the right to women because without them we will unable to walk to road of prosperity. Let us be partners in prosperity, Let them join the struggle for better future by their magic of mannerism, Let them sweeten the poison of hearts, let them rube their shoulders with global standers, Let them advancing ahead.

The writer is Project Officer Export Promotion Bureau, Karachi