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Irfan Ali Khan is the Director General, Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Limited (PTCL) Operations for Sindh and Balochistan. He has been serving the Organization in various capacities for over 3 decades. He started his career as Assistant Divisional Engineer with Telegraph and Telephone (T&T) Department in 1965 and was promoted as Divisional Engineer (DE) in 1967. In 1968 he proceeded to Germany and the United States for higher training in the field of Satellite Communication from where he was deputed in Saudi Arabia. On his return in 1992 he was posted as the Director of Karachi Telecommunication Region (KTR). He also served as General Manager OTR Islamabad and STR in 1998. When the camp office of the PTCL was established in 1999 at Karachi, he was appointed as the Director General, Sindh Balochistan.
Irfan Ali Khan did his BE from NED University Karachi. He is an outstanding engineer. He specializes in various telecommunication disciplines and carries the distinction of introducing CFMS all over the country to his credit.

Sep 10 - 16, 2001

PAGE: Monopoly status of the PTCL will come to an end in the year 2004 which means an onslaught is in the store from the private sector, how the PTCL is going to face that influx of the telecommunication companies in Pakistan.

IRFAN: Under the law, PTCL will not be able to enjoy the monopoly status from the year 2004 and private companies will be allowed to provide telephone connections like PTCL. In order to combat the challenges, the PTCL is working for bringing improvement in its systems and customer services.

PAGE: Would you like to identify areas where steps have been taken for improvement of the system and satisfaction of the customers?

IRFAN: Out of the total revenue generated by PTCL, 80 per cent revenue comes from the corporate sector which is estimated 20 per cent of the total customers in Pakistan. The 80 per cent domestic customers pay the remaining 20 per cent revenue. With the opening up doors for the private sector means that they would certainly try to capture the valued 20 per cent customers from the corporate sector. In order to retain that value segment of the customers, PTCL is taking every care including provision of the Optic fiber links, which offer tremendous options to the customers. He however said that the process of modernization and up-gradation being carried out in PTCL is the part of the privatization of the company to attract the investors in this company.

Recently, President of Pakistan inaugurated the project of Optic fiber link between three major cities i.e. Quetta, Sukkur and Shikarpur, that was the part of modernization programme of the PTCL. With the provision of Optic fiber facility, the people especially in the interior of Sindh have access to a system, which has greater options not only for the voice but also for Internet users. The use of Information Technology which, is the need of the hour has been increased with a tremendous pace in the interior of Sindh and Balochistan. This is an error free system and removes faults with builtin self healing system.

PAGE: PTCL did not publish Telephone Directories for the last 5 years, what was the reason, as keeping the customers update with the latest directories is the professional obligation of the PTCL.

IRFAN: Unfortunately, the telephone directory could not be published due to various reasons which include eruption of differences between PTCL and the Pakistan Printing Press and of course due to some uncertainties in the previous governments. Now that differences have been over and we have started distribution of directories to the valued customers. In Karachi PTCL have around 8 lakh of customers while the total number of directories is around 6 lakh. However, distribution of directories will be made in such a manner that every valued customer will have his directory. Under the system those clients from the corporate sector having ten or more telephones in one office will be provided one directory which would be sufficient to meet their requirement. Under this procedure, the number of directories published would be more than enough, he observed.

PAGE: Lahore region is another area which PTCL directory has not been published for many years. When the people of Lahore will get their new PTCL directory?

IRFAN: The publication of directory for Lahore region is also under process and the PTCL customers would also be provided the directory very soon. He said that not only the directories but the PTCL has also undertaken the task to prepare the CD Pakistan which will be give the detail of the telephone users of the entire country. Database for CD Pakistan has already been completed and the CD will soon be made public.

PAGE: CD Pakistan would certainly attract the attention of a large number of the customers, is there any possibility to involve the private sector in preparing and marketing of the CD?

IRFAN: The PTCL is considering on this aspect also and once the CD is completed, it may be offered to the private sector to make and market CD Pakistan if the project gets a positive response from the private sector, he said.