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Title 37.jpg (52618 bytes)Local car producers are bracing themselves for decreased profitability at best and downright losses at worst for the financial year ended June 30 this year. PAGE highlights the challenges it poses to the local car producers and also the reasons restricting the growth of the car and auto vending industry.




The financial system in Pakistan is passing through a critical phase of transition, the uphill task however needed to be accomplished at the earliest to save the system from uncertainties due to delays in implementation of decisions. The transformation of government's financial operations, mainly its borrowing into a mould of Islamic system has been identified as the formidable challenge to the experts engaged in the shifting process.

The government has given a guideline to the growers, pickers, ginners and exporters to make cotton and cotton yarn free from contamination. The entire Balochistan and cotton producing belt in Punjab have been declared as contamination free zones. APTMA would pay an additional amount of Rs200 per maund of contamination free cotton to the ginners. A premium of Rs75 per maund would be paid on lesser-contaminated (2.5 gram per bale) of cotton. This is an incentive to the ginners for taking care in the ginning process.

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