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By Syed M.Aslam
Sep 03 - 09, 2001

*** "GAS BOMBS, F-15, the Apaches [helicopter gunships], the tanks ... all these American weapons are being used against... our women, our children, our villages and towns."

(Palestinian President Yasser Arafat speaking in Malaysia about US' all out support to Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians)

*** "HIS SLOPPY SPEECH is not his way of saying, 'I am one of you,' but rather of asserting 'the rules don't apply to me'."

(Media critic and New York University professor, Mark Crispin Miller, saying that President George W. Bush flaunts ignorance as mark of superiority)

*** "WE CAN OPERATE deep inside the brain with sub-millimetre accuracy."

(Dr Patrick Finlay, the chairman of Armstrong Healthcare, the producer of neurosurgery robot in the UK, commenting on the accuracy by the robot close to vital parts of the brain)

*** "BUT YOUR PLASTIC disposable cup also designed to hold tea for ten minutes, make 500 years to decompose."

(An Indian comparing use of biodegradable clay cups which dissolves within weeks compared to the plastic cups used in the industrialized nations causing immense environmental pollution)

*** "I'M REALLY GLAD I did (go to normal school). It keeps you normal. You just understand more people. You're not alienated."

(Daughter of pop icon Paul McCartney, Stella, expressing views on fame and fortune)

*** "WHY SHOULD MARRIAGE be the only contract people can walk away from without penalty."

(One of Australia's most senior Catholic Archbishop, George Pell, proposing 'divorcee tax' triggering angry responses from judges, politicians and welfare groups)

*** "WE TRIED to get a price cut but we didn't get what we thought was fair so we're going to grant a compulsory licence so that it can be produced more cheaply in Brazil."

(Brazilian Health Minister announcing plan to break the patent on an AIDS drug made by Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche after failure of price cut talks, in what may be the first patent violation of an AIDS drug in the world)

*** "I NEVER CONSIDER myself to be a 'big man'. I realize that by being 'small' you can achieve real success in life."

(Head of Dubai-based multi-billion dollar ARY bullion Group, Abdul Razzak Yakoob, who usually hitches a ride back home in one of his trucks)

*** "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING no one calls with this kind of excuse."

(One of the four winner of $ 295 million lottery, the third largest in the US history, recalling the reply of her co-worker when she called she was quitting the job because she had won a share of the huge multi-state lottery prize)

*** "WE ARE CONTINUING our efforts to develop a humane and controlled globalisation, even if the new American unilateralism isn't making things any easier."

(French Foreign Minister Hubert Verdine slamming the US foreign policy of 'unilateralism' discouraging international cooperation)

*** "THESE KIDS have reached same level of competence they would have by spending two hours a day at a computer training institute paying $ 100 or so."

(Head of Research at the National Institute of Information Technology, Sugata Mitra, on the transformation of slum kids in Delhi who can barely write their names into computer savvy geeks. The institute plugged in a computer hooked to free Internet inside a wall used previously as a public urinal)

*** "NEARLY one American in five doesn't speak English at home ... immigrants now make up roughly 11 per cent of the US population ... about 44 per cent of the 30.5 million immigrants in the United States have arrived in the past 10 years."

(Findings of the study conducted by the US Census bureau showing that 20 per cent Americans do not speak English)

*** "THERE IS NO LONGER any doubt, Amnesty cannot exclude from its mission the fight for the promotion of socio-economic rights."

(Unnamed Latin American delegate commenting on the international rights watchdog, Amnesty International, decision to broaden its definition of human rights to include socio-economic issues at annual International Council meeting in Dakar, Senegal)