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Title 36.jpg (30586 bytes)The influx of women business graduates from various universities and business schools and a visible change among the females to be self-employed is the strong indicator of a significant change towards economic development of the society. The economic policies of the present government have a thrust to streamline formal and informal entrepreneurial capability of women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. The female population is being given preferential treatment in micro-financing scheme launched by the government and in other project financing schemes introduced by the commercial banks as a policy matter.

he Minister for Railways and Communication Lt. Gen. (Rtd) Javed Ashraf Qazi claimed with full confidence that Pakistan Railways which showed an operating loss of Rs. 9 billion 2 years back will end the current (2001-2002) financial year with some profit. The annual losses were brought down to Rs. 5 billion from Rs. 9 billion during the outgoing financial year. Shamim A. Rizvi, reports from Islamabad.

The increasing demand for cyber cafes in Karachi, and for that matter in the other urban centres of Pakistan, is fuelled primarily by two reasons, one financial the other convenience. The first is the inability to own a PC, the second to have privacy. The mushrooming of cyber cafes in the middle and low-income localities at a much faster pace than the affluent areas shows the people's resolve to gain at least the basic functional knowledge as IT revolution gains momentum in this developing part of the world.

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