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Title 35.jpg (31980 bytes)The financial year ended June 30, 2001 was the period of many firsts for the long financially Pakistan Steel Mill, the largest industrial complex of the country. It was the year of a financial turn around, financial restructuring, heavy layoffs, record sales, unprecedented capacity utilization, firstever payment of long standing loan, and of course showing a profit. PAGE is publishing an exclusive interview of Chairman Pakistan Steel, Lt. Col. (Retd) Muhammad Afzal Khan.



The governments in the past and the present team have been trying to dis-invest or privatize the major public sector corporations and institutions, which are causing huge losses to the exchequer. The estimate of the losses is around Rs90 billion a year. It is said that some hidden opponents are the factor behind the delay in the privatization process in Pakistan. The privatization means losing absolute powers some bureaucrats or government functionaries are enjoying in these public sector entities.

Habib Bank Limited, known as the largest banking institution in Pakistan and having its operation in 26 countries abroad is positioning itself heights and challenges. The International Strategy Conference organized by HBL at Muscat last year was the part of that efforts to develop and implement business plans that recognize the ground realities but at the same time incorporate a stretch component so that the Bank can regain its pre-eminent position in the emerging market.

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