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The Circle of Information Technology joins Operation Badar

Aug 20 - 26, 2001

The word Operation Badar sounds like some programme to create effective deterrence against foreign aggression. However, it is an IT education programme launched under the able guidance of Ziaullah Khan. The objective behind launching of Operation Badar (OB) is to develop human resource through quality IT education at affordable cost to all.

Ziaullah Khan has an obsession for producing hundred and thousands of IT savvy. The biggest hurdle was creating facilities needing millions of rupees. Ziaullah wanted to accomplish his mission with the least investment. When he put the idea of utilizing the facilities of existing institutions on off-days and time, many of them accepted his point.

With the successful launching other institutions are joining the OB programme, latest being the Circle of Information Technology. This institute has been established by two IT savvy, Ali Chinoy and Noor Mukaty. Both these professionals have studied and worked abroad. They also 'owned' the philosophy by creating an entirely new facility without being driven by money making objective, the amount of money they can make under OB is far lesser than the fortune they could have made by following the practices of most of other IT schools in Pakistan.

A recent visit to the Circle of Information Technology confirms the commitment of Ali and Noor. The Institute is located in heart of Karachi city in a prestigious building. The convenient location makes it easier for all those go to school and college or work somewhere. The Institute offers the advantage of attending class at his/her convenience. Four computer labs have been planned, each with 80 computers. Out of these two labs with 150 computers are fully operational and the other two will be ready shortly. These labs have been equipped with 'branded' computers based on Intel's P-3 microprocessor.

Looking at superior quality of infrastructure and faculty, fees appears to be very low compared to the amount being charged by those institutes which do not have comparable infrastructure. It works out around Rs 800 per month or Rs 15,000 for six quarters. After completing each milestone, students passing the examinations, will get five recognized certifications: 1) Sun Certified Java Programmer, 2) Certified Java Solution Developer, 3) Certified Java Enterprise Developer, 4) IBM Certified XML Developer and Certified Microsoft C# (Sharp) Developer.

All these courses are aimed at achieving the ultimate objective of e-commerce a reality in the developed countries. Pakistan is far behind the developed countries and even its next door neighbour, India. In order to enable the country to leapfrog, the effort is to break all taboos minimum level of education, grades and age. It is interesting to note that over 10,000 students have been enrolled under the OB in Karachi alone at various institutes Circle of Information Technology being the 9th.

Sponsors of the Circle of Information Technology have a plan to invite students from various schools to spend a few hours in a week to get an exposure to computers. The aim is to let every child know the magic of computers. They want every Pakistani to get acquainted to computer by providing IT education at grass root level.