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Aug 13 - 19, 2001

A business school is at the heart of the business world. It's performance can only be measured by the contribution it makes to the growth of business productivity and profitability.

Enhancing business profitability requires that courses taught are tailor made to suit the needs of business. Teaching and research programmes should also be designed to enable business to explore new initiatives for profitability growth.

Making Use of the IT Revolution

Pakistan is on the threshold of the IT revolution. But the development of the IT sector leaves a great deal to be desired. The manpower that is being trained is not only of low quality, it is also not being developed to use its expertise for enhancing business profitability.

Business schools have the responsibility for developing joint programmes which enable specialist financiers, marketing personal and human resource managers to upgrade their IT skills for improving the efficiency of their own departments.

CBM has developed two joint MBA programmes with the explicit aim to upgrade the IT skills of financiers and marketing managers.

MBA: Finance and MIS

This is an interdisciplinary programme intended to provide financiers with an in depth exposure to MIS techniques: There is a combination of finance and MIS courses with an emphasis on increasing student capabilities for MIS applications for the solution of finance related problems. An applied finance thesis utilising IT applications is a major requirement of the programme.

MBA Marketing Communications

The programme objective is to upgrade the IT application capability of marketing majors. Marketing, MIS and Visual Arts Studies are combined to enable marketing specialists to make effective use of informatics related technologies. The programme aims to create an effective marketer capable of utilising state of the art technology for performing his core functions within the organisation.

Bringing business schools into the business world involves of course much more than the development of new courses. There must be continuous interaction between firms and banks on the one hand and business teachers and researchers on the other. In order to facilitate this continuous inter-change of ideas and practices we have established the Business Support Centre.

The Business Support Centre

The Business Support Centre has been established to serve as a focal point for the continuous interaction of businessmen and academics. It provides a range of services conferencing, testing, consultancy, product development etc. and publishes Pakistan Business Review, the country's only internationally refereed business policy research journal.

The Business Support Centre has just moved to its purpose built site. It possesses state of the art IT and conferencing facilities. During 2001-2002 the Centre will concentrate on.

developing a system for evaluating the technological capabilities of IT firms in Karachi.

monitoring policies and programmes for the industrial and financial development of Sindh.

developing capabilities for public and private sector officials for urban and environmental management.

The Business Support Centre is an exciting new venture. It has completed several successful projects in the first ten months of its existence. It will soon develop into the city's main hub for interaction between management and business consultants.


MBA (Two Year) - Marketing Communications: Course Structure



Presentation Skills & Bus. Speech

Micro & Macro Economics

Computer Applications

Marketing Management

Principles of Marketing

Methods in Bus. Research

Professional & Bus. Writing Skills

Organizational Mgmt.

Introduction to Financial Accounting

Managerial & Cost Acct.

Qt. Analysis & Stat. Inference

Fin. Mgmt. & AFS



Direct Mkt. & Sales Promotion

Consumer Behavior

Advertising & Event Mgmt.

Media Planning

Strategic Marketing

Brand Management

Graphic Design & Merchandising

Services Marketing

Packaging & Printing

Seminar in Marketing

Web Page Development &

Sales Mgmt. & Per. Selling

Adobe Photoshop

Macromedia & Flash 4

MBC (Two Year) MIS & Finance: Course Structure



Micro and Macro Economics

Financial Management

Business Communication

Statistical Inference

Quantitative Analysis

Marketing Management

Principles of Marketing

Human Resource Mgmt.

Organizational Management

Computer Applications

Intro. to Financial Accounting

Methods in Bus. Research


Introduction to Managerial & Cost Accounting

Advanced Financial Management



Computer Prog. Language

Visual Basic

Project Management

Programming in JAVA

Operations Research

Web Page Development

Corporate Finance

Invest. & Portfolio Mgmt.

Financial Econometrics

Risk Management


Financial Engineering

Thesis: Applied Finance Project