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Title 33.jpg (28801 bytes)In Pakistan an effort is being made to separate management from ownership to ensure greater disclosure, improve corporate governance and protect the interests of all stakeholders. To achieve all these no one can undermine the importance of professional managers being produced by the business schools in Pakistan. The quality of graduates depends on quality of faculty, curriculum and infrastructure. There is a need for 'Accreditation' by an independent and autonomous agency and laying down minimum standards and their compliance.

Are the days of free e-mail service over? If the recent developments are any indication yes the beginning of the end has started with the withdrawal of free e-mail service by popular US website, usa.net. Hotmail, the free e-mail service of computer giant Microsoft has also intimated its users to end services this month. PAGE highlights the impact this would have in Pakistan.

here was a factual mistake in the interview of Roland Blaney, Country Commercial Manager, British Airways, published in our issue number 31. It should be read, " British Airways operates three weekly Boeing 777 flights between Islamabad and London." We regret any inconvenience caused to British Airways and our readers.

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