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July 30 - Aug 05 , 2001

Mr. Mohamamd Sami Rashid a student of Greenwich University has reached the semi finalist in an International poetry contest, in Washington DC.

He has been invited by the International Society of Poets Washington DC on Friday evening August 17, 2001 at Hilton Hotel Washington D.C. where 30 poets will share $ 61,500.00 in total prizes including the single largest poetry cash prize ever awarded $ 20,000.00!

This happening not only promotes the image of Greenwich University but also, more importantly, enhances the cultural richness and confidence of the student community in Pakistan.

Mr. Sami will also be honored with two separate and very special awards for his poetic achievement at special ceremonies throughout the weekend in Washington DC.

The catalog of Greenwich University

Greenwich University has brought out an attractive catalog. It presents the scopes of different courses. It's aim is to provide to students the detailed and comprehensive information about every course and it simultaneously presents different aspects of the updated business courses as well as the constantly developing courses of information technology (IT). The students will find the catalog impressively interesting and comprehensively informative. It is in fact for the first time that a university in Pakistan has come out with an enlightening presentation of the great possibilities for the students in the fields of information technology and business administration within these delightfully designed covers.

The catalog creatively presents the related image of what inspired the appearance of a University like Greenwich in Pakistan. The central direction towards developing every individual student as a balanced personality having the qualities of an entrepreneur and the values and attitudes of an intellectually developed citizen of a civic society.