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July 30 - Aug 05 , 2001


Karachi Institute of Information Technology is a centre of excellence in IT studies, one of the best in the country. It has been established in 1998 to prepare young men and women in the country to face the challenges of the new millennium in Information Technology as high order professionals. All the efforts of the KIIT are directly geared to:

bring to students in Pakistan an internationally acclaimed high quality IT education that is available in advanced countries.

promote in the students an aptitude for independence in learning.

act as a beacon for professional education for others to follow.

produce IT professionals who in national and international markets will contribute towards the national image building and national prosperity.

The KIIT is located in the serene environment of Gulshan-e-Maymar about 20 minutes drive from Civic Centre. It is a Multi-Million Rupee, purpose built campus comprising two modern interconnected buildings. The campus houses all the academic and social facilities including an auditorium, lecture rooms, tutorial rooms, computer labs, library, students' common rooms and cafeteria. The KIIT also provides hostel facility to its students at a walking distance from the campus.


The Karachi Institute of Information Technology and the University of Huddersfield, UK are working together towards the development and operation of a successful higher education institute in Pakistan in the field of IT. The University of Huddersfield happens to be one of the best IT institution in the UK and KIIT is offering its undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in Software Development under a franchising agreement, which includes:

An opportunity to acquire an IT degree from a leading British University at a fraction of the cost in UK.

Continuous updating of curriculum to prepare the KIIT students to excel in global market place.

Implementation and continuous monitoring of quality assurance procedures specified by the UOH.

Consulting services for setting up the technical/computing facilities.

Continuous support and monitoring in all aspects of academic activities i.e. teaching and assessments.

Lectures, tutorials, exams and assessments validated by UOH before their implementation at KIIT.

Course Features

KIIT offers a modern IT education system and up to date courses which ensures a unique academic environment that prepares students to become successful professionals in a world dominated by the information Technology. The B.Sc.(Hons.) and M.Sc. (Software development) courses offered at KIIT are the exact replica of those offered at UOH and incorporate the following features:

Courses are closely related to industry, including internships and industry based projects apart from the practical approach incorporated in courses by the University of Huddersfield.

All courses are meant to develop competence, such that students can find employment rapidly with good future prospects.

Teaching, learning and assessment strategies help develop transferable personal skills, self-direction and autonomy, so that students can cope successfully with the rapidly changing IT industry.

All courses are offered in a supportive, well-equipped learning environment as per the specification of UOH, which fosters excellence.

Courses explore current practices, developing ideas and research implications in information system development and software engineering in an interdisciplinary setup.


Faculty selection validated by University of Huddersfield, UK.

The best teaching faculty comprising full time foreign qualified Ph.D. and Masters degree holders.

A high faculty to student ratio of 1:20 as per the quality assurance procedures implemented at KIIT and closely monitored by UOH.

Salient Features

KIIT is a modern IT institute, dedicated to personal achievements and life long learning. It offers a welcoming but challenging environment, which will enhance the future prospects of students. It is a lively centre of high quality teaching and learning, where students of all ages acquire useful skills and relevant qualifications.


Fully Air-conditioned campus

Classrooms specially designed and furnished to suit the teaching style of University of Huddersfield.

All teaching facilities equipped with multi-media projectors, overhead projectors, screens etc.

All the lecture/tutorial rooms and Auditorium linked to KIIT network for access to all types of resources available on network including Internet.

One of the best professional computer libraries in the country providing cool and refreshing environment for study with large collection of professional computing journals including IEEE & ACM.

Computing facilities

KIIT has established state-of-art computing and Internet facilities, which offer:
Four air-conditioned and fully equipped computer labs (having more than 200 workstations).
Local area network comprising fast backbone and high performance branded servers.
Internet facility through a dedicated 1MB ISDN line & satellite downlink.
Remote access facility from their homes to KIIT servers available to KIIT students.

Software and Tools

Visual Programming environment
Visual C/C++, VB, Haskell, X Windows, Visual J++, Java Workshop.
Database Engines
Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Paradox.
Web Based Tools
HTML, CGI/PERL, Java, Java Script, NetBeans, VB Script, Domino, Net Fusion.
Graphics & Multimedia Authoring
Macromedia, 3D Studio.
System Programming Support
SGI, Solaris, LINUX, Windows NT, DOS, Win 95/98.
CASE Tools
UML, Rational Rose, Rational Unified Process.

Hostel & Transport Facility

For outstation students KIIT provides residential accommodation at walking distance from campus. It serves as a home, away from home for the students. Rooms are furnished with single beds, study table, a bookrack and adequate storage for personal effects. The hostel provides common cooking facilities along with the telephone, TV, and refrigerator facilities.

KIIT also provides transport facility to its students from most of the city areas of Karachi, apart from convenient public transport, which is available to and from Gulshan-e-Maymar.