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July 30 - Aug 05 , 2001

Amsterdam The Netherlands, June 27th 2001 Euro Software Parks, the Pan-European offshore software company, announced its official launch at the IT Offshore & Outsourcing Expo in Amsterdam Rai The Netherlands. Dr. Norman A. Rizwan, Chairman & CEO, made the announcement during the reception that was attended by many business delegates.

The Pakistani partner of Euro Software Parks; Tariq A. Nizami of Software Technology Innovators (STI) and other partners Askari, Comels, Cressoft, Habib Rafiq Technologies, Innovative, KalSoft, Netsol, Nextbridge, SCL Soft especially went for this event. Together they make a big impact on the European software development market. Dr. Rizwan explained during the announcement that ESP is fully committed to deliver second-generation offshore software development solutions. "We will provide each of our clients with its own virtual software house. Direct client control, maximum flexibility, but without the burden of fixed employee costs are major benefits of a virtual software house".

The IT Offshore & Outsourcing Exhibition & Conference held on June 26th and 27th was the first European event of its kind. The combination of a broad-based display of services and expertise from eighteen countries is the reason that the show is an enormous success for everyone involved. Euro Software Parks was delighted to notice that a lot of senior managers attended their stand. This clearly proves that the ESP business model has the right fit.

About Euro Software Parks

Euro Software Parks is the Pan-European software technology provider that builds & services custom build application software manufactured and serviced from Pakistan according to the philosophy of a software factory concept. Euro Software Parks will become the market leader in second-generation offshore software development solutions. For more information please take a look at www.eurosoftwareparks.com

Tariq A. Nizami of STI with Dr. Norman Rizwan of Euro Software Parks in IT Offshore Outsourcing Conference at Amsterdam, Netherlands which was held in June.

Grant of Degree Awarding Charter to Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology

The Government of Sindh has granted a Degree Awarding Charter to Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology (KASBIT), which is one of the leading institutes promoting Information Technology Education in Pakistan.

KASBIT is the first private corporate sector institute of higher learning in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology and a part of the KASB & Company Ltd., which is an established and highly reputed commercial group in Pakistan. The Group manages diversified range of activities such as Investment Banking, Share-trading and Brokerage, Corporate Research, Real Estate, Internet Service Provider, Tele-communications, Software Development and Information Technology Education.

For the first time in the private corporate sector in Pakistan, KASBIT is trying to bring in the required foreign expertise and investment for the promotion, growth and growing demand of Information Technology Education, and has major plans of establishing a total of 10 institutes of higher learning in all the major cities of Pakistan. KASBIT also intends to establish an IT University with a full-fledged Research and Development Unit and a Technology Park with bases for IT related companies in Karachi, for which it has already acquired 48 acres of land and is awaiting Government approval for its initiation.

KASBIT is an institute with a difference as it intends to meet the demands of the competitive environment in the field of Information Technology by creating IT entrepreneurs and professionals of the highest quality through its dedicated team of highly motivated and experienced faculty, who will ensure that its degree holders are the most sought out in their respective fields as it has the advantage of having strong international linkages through the background of its mother company, KASB & Company Ltd.

While congratulating the students, faculty and team at KASBIT on the occasion, Mr. Arif Ali Shah Bukhari, the Chief Executive informed that it was the long cherished dream of his late father, Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari, the founder of the KASB Group to serve the country through a chain of educational institutions of higher learning to make the name of KASBIT a synonym for inculcation of quality education nationally and internationally.

With the Grant of the Degree Awarding Charter, Mr. Bukhari said he would work with more dynamism in ensuring KASBIT's goal of becoming "the leading institute for Information Technology Education in Pakistan", able to meet the challenges of the ever-changing scenario and trends in the IT World.

NCR launches Teradata Certification Program in Pakistan

By Fariha T. Shah

Teradata, a Division of NCR took the initiative of launching Teradata Certified Professional Program in Pakistan, which will be the first country to start this program in the Middle East Africa region.

With the collaboration of a local company, CNC Technologies, this program will be launched through NCR Education Centers in two major cities; Islamabad and Karachi.

In June, NCR will launch the Teradata Certified Professional Program in Pakistan, which will usher in a new era of getting trained manpower available in the fast growing global market of Data warehousing. With the implementation of this program, IT managers who engage a Teradata certified Professional can be confident that the individual will have the requisite skills to maximize the availability and performance of their Teradata Warehouses. NCR Education Centers are the only computer institutes that has the backing of a leading IT multinational due to which the quality of education is in accordance with international standards. NCR Education Centers provide quality IT training on various vendor certifications and diplomas. They also offer customized and onsite training for the Corporate Sector. In Islamabad, NCR Education Centers caters to IT training requirements at student level as well as those of the corporate sector.

NCR is taking a big step by introducing Relationship Technologies in Pakistan through a very strong and sustained data warehousing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) motion in the country. The intent of the Teradata Certified Professional Program is to establish an industry standard measure of technical competence for IT Professionals using Teradata technology. It will create a resource pool of trained and certified professionals that can fill in the gap in the international market. Currently, more than 1000 students are enrolled in various IT programs at the NCR Education Center in Karachi. Introducing the Teradata Certified Professional Program will be a positive step to ensure that they have the added advantage of getting training on authorized Teradata courses.

NCR offers both public and private authorized Teredata courses. Authorized Teradata courses are available exclusively through NCR. By having full control of training materials, we ensure a quality product that maps to the certification exams.