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By Tariq A. Nizami
July 30 - Aug 05 , 2001

The growing software market rather IT is continuously expanding and trying to grab almost every industry through its tentacles. The IT is now become a part of every walk of life and personnel of different disciplines want to make their lives easier and comfortable. After the inclusion of IT most of the fields are revolutionized and now new horizons are being explored. In the developed countries where the high officials of the different departments have money and business but do not have enough time to make everything documented and that can be retrieved whenever needed—and it is merely possible when the data would have been stored in the computer. One of the major area in which enormous work is being done is Medical histories of the patients and in the developed countries all the records of the patients are being stored in the computerized systems. So, now a days all the records related to the patients in the hospital like their medical history, surgical reports, physical reports etc. are being transferred into computer systems and as a matter of fact doctors and other medical officers do not have time to feed the data so voice files are prepared and these files are being converted into soft copies and separate work force is used to perform this task. Same goes to other fields, legal transcription is another major area and clients' records and conversation are also being recorded which would be transcribed latterly.

Medical Transcription is now become a hottest topic among the businessmen and financiers. A separate work force is being used for transcribing these voice files and for this purpose enormous number of organizations came into being but still the requirements is a lot more higher and projects are being outsourced to other countries and they are specifically doing these projects for them. As a matter of fact the transcription's rate is little bit higher in these countries so they prefer to give these sorts of projects to the countries where rates are nominal. This project does have a potential and can be encashed because it's a high time for flourishing and sprouting in this field. The enormous opportunities are lying vacant all we have to do is to tap the business. The pricing has been done on the basis of the words or number of lines. 15 cents per line or 12 cents per line are approximately charged. The most important factor that should not be neglected is the efficiency of the operators along with an accuracy which should not be less than 98.5%. In these projects the given time should be kept in mind otherwise the organization has to pay the penalty. Operators should have sound knowledge of medical and legal terminologies and acronyms and they must be good at English language and grammar.

Medical Transcription is the process whereby one accurately and swiftly transcribes medical records dictated by doctors and others, including history and physical reports, clinics notes, office notes, operative reports, consultation notes, discharge summaries, letter, psychiatric evaluations, laboratory reports, X-rays reports and pathology reports.

In involves receiving dictation by tape, digital system or voice file, and using ear phones, a foot pedal for start-stop control and a word processing programme. A variety of word-processing systems are used. It requires good listening and language skills, computer skills and knowledge of medical terms.

Several dictionaries are necessary: Medical definitions, Medications, medical terms specialty, laboratory terms, surgical terms and abbreviations. Specialized word lists are also helpful, and current journals and computer networking are helpful for current information about new medications and terms. Transcription is done more efficiently and effectively with the use of a medical spell checker and an abbreviation system such as PRD or Smartype.

Medical transcription business by its very nature involves transcribing medical advice of various types. Therefore, its user base is in a variety of healthcare settings, including doctors' offices, public and private hospitals, teaching hospitals, clinics, laboratories, radiology and pathology departments, insurance companies, medical libraries, rehabilitation centers, legal offices, research centers, veterinary medical facilities, and associations representing the helathcare industry.

For countries like Pakistan it is supposed to be a milestone for economic revival. A substantial amount of Foreign Exchange can be taken home through this attractive business. Due to the favourable government policies for IT business, Pakistan is now become a most attractive station for outsourcing projects. India is one of the major stations where these types of projects are being outsource and still abundant opportunities are lying vacant and still waiting for someone to take this opportunity. The business does have a potential of billions dollars and if we seriously look into the matter then we can easily understand how a person or organization can earn through this business.

Medical Transcription training has been offered by various institutions in Pakistan including Sir Syed University Of Engineering & Technology. They have one of the best training facilities in Medical Transcription and its Software House, STI is setting a Medical Transcription business for International Clients to help the country foreign Exchange.

Medical Report Conversion Chart (Measuring production and conversion)

1 line


65 characters

1 word


5 characters

1 page


40 lines

1 Report


1 to 2 pages