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By Syed M.Aslam
July 30 - Aug 05 , 2001

*** "WITH THIS ACT, we are attacking one of the multinationals that exploit, starve and poison the people."

(Statement issued by one of the anti-globalisation group 'Front for the Extermination of Capitalism' which 'kidnapped' the clown-emblem of US fast food chain McDonald's in the western French city of Guingamp)

*** "SHE DOESN'T need to be that good, anything is better than Gus Dur (Wahid)."

(Unnamed politician close to Indonesia's new President Megawati Sukarnoputri commenting on her succession to the sacked president Abdurrahman Wahid)

*** "I AM NOT concerned about US domestic laws. I would like to encourage the US policy makers (to realise) that there is something other than the borders of the United States."

(Director of Liberia's Centre for Democratic Empowerment, Conmany Wesseh, criticising the US for its role to undermine the UN conference on small arms by being adamant to supply arms to insurgents, particularly in Africa)

*** "ON A HOT day it looks like a place one would go swimming."

(US President George W. Bush's comment while standing with Pope John Paul II on the balcony of Pontiff's library overlooking the clear blue waters of Lake Albano, Italy)

*** "SOME ARE INSTEAD questioning whether free trade, open markets and the Internet really do guarantee prosperity or a better life."

(Editor of Washington-based Foreign Policy magazine, Moises Naim, commenting on the reticent attitude of the US under President Bush about globalisation)

*** "KOIZUMI SAYS 'reforms without sacred cows,' but isn't the United States the 'sacred cow' of Koizumi's reforms."

(Daily Asahi's editorial questioning the Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's 'slavish diplomatic devotion' to the US and insufficient attention to Asian neighbours)

*** "Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest"

*** "IF YOU WANT to come (to Canada), bring a sleeping bag."

(Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien daring the anti-globalisation protestors, who flocked to Italy, to come to his country when he hosts G-8 Summit on June 26-28 next year)

*** "BUSH NAMED his cat India so we are naming dogs George Bush."

(Regional coordinator of Bajrang Dal, a Hindu extremist group, naming a puppy after the US President as retaliation for his pet cat named 'India')

*** "IF YOU WANT to address speeches, go to the United Nations Security Council, address speeches there. Don't waste my time here."

(Ahmed Qureia, the Palestinians' top negotiator US-mediated peace talks at Camp David last July, recalling tantrums thrown at him by former president Bill Clinton)

*** "THOSE WITH THE LEAST have least to fear from the future."

(Administrator of United Nations Development Program, Malloch-Brown, commenting on the importance of figuring out how the poor can benefit from information and biotechnology revolutions)