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An interview with Brig. R.A. Soorty (R) Chief Executive -KalPoint.com

July 30 - Aug 05 , 2001

We would like you to please introduce yourself and KalPoint.Com.

My full name is Brig. Rafiq Adamji Soorty and by profession I am an Engineer possessing MS degree in Metallurgy and Materials Science. After having completed 30 years of meritorious service in PAK ARMY, I joined KALIA GROUP as their Director Administration and presently am looking after this prestigious project, KalPoint.com as Chief Executive.

To me, the world has changed so much that the traditional way of learning and earning will not help individuals or nations any longer to progress and prosperity. Kalia Group believes that "IT is the language of 21st century and without learning it no progress and prosperity is now possible." For this very purpose, KalPoint.com came into being. When almost every web site is charging you through one mean or the other, directly or indirectly, KalPoint.com is absolutely free, interactive and professional, therefore it is bound to bring revolution in your life. It aims to bring commerce/economy in people's lives and save their time & fuel. In other words, it brings buyers & sellers of various services & products to one platform no matter where they are. All this can be done by just one click of the mouse and that too in comfort & privacy of even your bedroom.

KalPoint.com, the first and the largest interactive C2C portal from Pakistan spreads over 20,000 Web pages. And, Alham do Lillah, in a short span of time we were successful in achieving more than 1.2 million netiznes in a month from around the globe. KalPoint offers more than 20 online free services with many more to be introduced shortly. We wish to endeavour ourselves to the needs of the masses. All this would be achieved, InshAllah, through latest technology, and the available sound backing of one of the strongest business group, i.e. Kalia Group led by an IT visionary like Mr. Hanif S. Kalia.

How would you differentiate KalPoint.Com from other sites of this kind and how would the people of Pakistan be benefited from this site?

It is necessary to mention here that our site is for the people of Pakistan and for the people world over. Since it's a World Wide Web, anyone, from anywhere in the world, at any time can use it. It's a completely free portal and has more than 20 categories that cater to almost every walk of life. We bring global buyers & sellers of various services & products on one platform no matter where they are. This is how we are benefiting thousands of netizens everyday.

Is there any thing that you are doing to attract the youth of our country, since they are the ones who would be most interested in visiting a site of this kind?

I accept the fact that today's youth is tomorrow's leader or professional. We have kept this thing in mind and have catered for sections like Education, ITWorld, Matrimonial, KalTimes, Employment, etc. KalTimes is an infotainment e-zine with latest news, fashion updates, games reviews, talent gallery, comics, etc.

Employment is a place for job seekers and providers. It is indeed one of the most sophisticated networks in the world on Net. One simply needs to fill in forms and get their matches accordingly. Matches can be seen soon as the form is filled. Later on, as and when new matches are available, the respective employer/candidate is intimidated via email. The employer or candidate can place their ad (job placements & CVs) for as long as they wish to keep it.

Our Matrimonial section provides matches to those looking for a life partner in the most private and confidential manner. We have more than 30,000 genuine proposals available and a very unique match system, which is guaranteed to help you out. A similar strategy is used here. You can see your matches immediately after you fill in the form, and as and when new matches are available, you would be intimated via email.

Our Education category is a complete e-guidance to the education related matters for students, teachers and parents. Recently we have started grant of scholarships through various sources. I would like to mention here the name of KO-ORDINATION GROUP, being in the forefront through their dynamic leadership.

Moreover, we have started a new section for Chat, under the name of KalChat, which if used in the true spirit and sense can help a lot. You may have a quick review of these sections and it will clearly show that our site has major attractions and guidance for the youth.

When Kalia Group's name is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is prize bonds and Forex rates. Does your site give any updates on these matters?

Sure it does. We provide latest Forex updates and saving schemes in Pakistan as well as bullion rates and international conversion rates. Furthermore, our currency watch section shows the analysis of the Pak Rupee viz-major currencies and the factors affecting them, through experts' vision. Whereas, money changer's section gives a comprehensive list of the Pakistan-based money changers along with their full addresses.

As far as Prize Bonds are concerned, we have a separate section for that. All you need to do is type in your bond numbers and the system will respond with the record of all possible wins.

Virtual Vault sounds like an interesting concept. Would you please tell us something about it?

This is an interesting extension of our Prize Bond Category for which the concept was drawn from KalVault_Lockers Custodial and Repository Service, another prestigious project of the Kalia Group. Actually Virtual Vault is your personalized Locker On Net to keep your Prize Bonds (numbers only) in a safe and secured place. You can make deposits and withdrawals, check out your wins which you will also find on your email automatically and also find the total worth of your locker, all in one place.

While I was going through your site, I came across your tetra search section. Would you please explain to us what it is all about?

This is a unique section. Here you can make four search engines of your choice to work for you at a time. Therefore it saves you the hassle typing your search individually again and again.

What is the Hajj and Ummrah category all about?

This is a comprehensive e-guidance to perform Hajj & Ummrah. It has different sections like preparation, geographic information, picture gallery, visa, Ihsar, calendars, hotels, etc. It may be viewed in Urdu as well.

Would you brief us about your Running Business and Automobile sections as well?

Our automobile section gives information about new and used automobiles. This section is for both buyers and sellers. The buyer/seller places an ad and is then notified as and when a match is available.

Our Running Business section works on the same basis. If you want to buy or sell an already existing business, you have to place an Ad and you would be notified when a match is available.

What's KalLoot all about, sounds like quite a fascinating name?

KalLoot is a category where all the leading companies from different walks of life have their especial deals placed. They offer concessions and deals exclusively for KalPoint's users which are quite different from normal. May it be in the form of discounts, lucky draws, gifts, etc. This is a unique concept, which no other site in the country has, as both the visitor and the Ad placer benefit from it. In other words, we are promoting E-Commerce through C2C and B2B concept in the present scenario.

How would you differentiate KalSearch from other search engines of its type?

KalSearch is a complete, unique, comprehensive and smart locationwise search engine where you can find all relevant contact information of different institutions/ organizations in Pakistan, according to the respective category. For example, KalSearch in Education category would have contact information of schools, colleges, universities, etc.

If one wishes to place an Ad on your site, what is the procedure for that?

To get information on our tariffs for placing banners and buttons along with technical specifications, you may always visit our "advertise at KalPoint.com section". For any queries, you may even email us at Ad@KalPoint.com.

What steps are you taking to make your site more interesting?

In order to make our site more interesting, we have been endeavouring on innovations and are updating our site more frequently. Our new category for e-greetings, by the name of KalGreetings is being launched on this great day i.e. 14th of August on great public demand. Furthermore, we also encourage our visitors to give us their feedback and suggestions so that we may improve ourselves accordingly.

What work has your site been doing for the promotion of Information Technology?

Our mission is to create an IT culture in Pakistan and bring Pakistan's name on the realm of the ITWorld. This can clearly be seen in our ITWorld category, which has the latest IT news and views from the world of information technology plus important issues confronting the IT arena. A section by the name of Computer Hardware is also there. It is a complete arena of computers, where trade of new and old computers of different brands is possible. A new category by the name of ISPs In Pakistan has also been introduced recently.

It was a pleasure knowing your website. It is nice to know that steps are being taken in order to promote IT culture in the country. After knowing the details about KalPoint.com, I am sure people would've realized how much hard work has been put in, so that in the history of Pakistan, whenever one would talk of creating IT awareness in Pakistan, Kalia Group's name would be mentioned in golden words.

Thank You Kalpoint.Com and wish you all the best. May God bless all of us and our beloved country.