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title-31.jpg (22740 bytes)IT has revolutionised and redefined all aspects of human interaction be it social, business or other. It has turned world in a global village where limits of time and location no more apply. Internet, the primary tool of IT, offers opportunities never dreamt possible just a decade-and-half ago. PAGE looks at what remains to be done in Pakistan to develop real IT culture. An exclusive interview of Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, also make part of the Cover Story.


Pakistan Agricultural Research Council has set up a pilot project for processing of black tea in collaboration with Chinese technical assistance.
Tea Processing Plant has capacity to process 1000-kg per day.
Chinese tea experts have identified an area of 150,000 acres of land suitable for cultivation of tea in the province of NWFP. Currently, Pakistan is cultivating tea on 87 acres of land.

The Ordinance for setting up Micro-finance Institutions has been promulgated by the government. Primarily, these institutions are supposed to provide financial support to the poor for any economic activity. So far the bank loan facility was not within the reach of the poor. These institutions must have the will to provide financial support to the people purely on merit. It is expected that these institutions would effectively help to address the issue of unemployment in Pakistan.

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