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By Syed M.Aslam
July 23 - 29, 2001

*** "IF INDIA EXPECTS that I should ignore Kashmir, I better buy back the Neharwali Haveli and stay there."

(President Pervez Musharraf alluding to his ancestral home in Delhi during his Agra Summit reiterating that solving the Kashmir dispute is the core issue between India and Pakistan)

*** "I HAVE MADE some mistakes but I can't regret the decisions that I have made, although they may have been very unpopular and caused me to lose support."

(Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohammad saying he has no time to regret his mistakes on the occasion marking his 20 years in power making him Asia's longest serving elected leader)

*** "NO COUNTRY CAN DEVELOP its own security by harming the fundamental security interests of others. We must dispel the Cold War mentality and eradicate the theory of superior weapons."

(Chinese President Jiang Zemin warning the US that it risked unleashing a new arms race through its missile defence plans a day after signing an historic Sino-Russian friendship treaty with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin)

*** "WE CAN NO LONGER allow the rich to parade around in their armored existence, leaving a wasteland behind in their tire tracks."

(Communique issued by the new, and anonymous, anarchists protesting globalisation coinciding with G-8 meeting in Genoa, Italy)

*** "...the prohibition made Britain look like 'an over-protective nanny state."

(Nicholas Blake, the lawyer of Muslim Black American nationalist Louis Farrakhan, criticising the deferring of decision by a High Court judge whether or not to lift the ban to keep Farrakhan out of Britain)

*** "ACTUALLY THEY (Estrada supporters) were right. I was the granddaughter of a laundrywoman."

(Philippines President Gloria Arroyo taking intended insult by the wife of her ousted predecessor, Loi Estrada an elected Senator, whose mobile rang to the tune of a popular song 'Gloria Labandera or laundrywoman')

*** "WE ARE ONE of the groups that don't shy away from using violence. If we engaged in peaceful protest, 80% of the public would ignore it."

(Spokesman of Czez branch of AFA, Anti Fascist Association, describing the group's tactics for anti-globalisation protests at the G-8 summit in Genoa)

*** "IT IS HARD to recall that just months ago, the prospect of the two of them breaking bread would have been waved away as a romantic day dream."

(Indian Express' editorial saying that the meeting of Pakistani and Indian leaders at Agra was a substantial gain for the two countries)


(Former South African president Nelson Mandela talking to a journalist at his 83rd birthday)

*** "THE TRIAL of Ariel Sharon as a war criminal is a major test for the success of the fight against violence and terrorism."

(Iran's foreign ministry spokesman demanding that Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon should be tried as a war criminal for the massacre of the Palestinian people at a special tribunal in Tehran. The proposition was registered by Iran's parliament last week)

*** "OUR SENTIMENTS ARE HURT. Despite knowing that it is a proper name of a country how could the United States president do this?"

(Leader of ruling BJP party demanding apology from US President George W. Bush for naming his cat 'India')