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Will new shipping policy help induct more tonnage in the national maritime fleet, floating crafts by the KPT and PQA and work for KSEW? We have to wait and see how effectively the policy is implemented to attract the local and foreign investment in a sector which remained regulated for much too long.



Different varieties of Pakistani mangoes displayed at London's major stores for spot sale by EPB have proved a great success in the current season.
Senior executives of UK's three major chain stores John Louis, the Harrods will be visiting Pakistan soon for buying rice from branded exporters. This indicates that a brand culture is being developed in Pakistan. Some rice millers and exporters in collaboration with foreign investors have started exporting rice under the brand names from Pakistan.

In a recently held seminar by Pakistan Society of Sugar Technologists (PSST) it was emphasized to resolve issues pertaining to sugarcane yield and sugarcane procurement system. While most of the recommendations were for the consideration of sugar mills it failed to propose measures to be adopted by the growers to improve yield and sugar content in sugarcane.

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