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For The Record




By Syed M.Aslam
Jan 15 - 21, 2001

..."THE BEDS are carved out of ice, but are covered with plywood, mattresses, deerskin and insulated sleeping bags. It's very comfortable."

(Spokeswoman of ice-hotel constructed in Quebec, Canada)

..."A CHILD born in a wealthy country is likely to consume, waste and pollute more in his life-time than 50 children born in developing nations."

(Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, making a personal appeal to the wealthy people of the world, particularly in the developed countries, to stop 'plundering the Earth')


(Wife of Ronnie Hill, who died after remaining in coma for 13 years. Hill was seriously injured in one of Northern Ireland's worst guerrilla bombings in 1987)

..."...THEY SHOULD BE punished and they should be punished dearly: not only for what they did to the public, but for the billions of pounds of profits they made."

(Attorney John A. Pica, who US law firm is planning to launch legal action against mobile network operators and manufacturers plus fixed-line phone companies on behalf of people who claim that radiation caused them brain tumour)

..."HOW CAN I smile and ask people for money if I'm not comfortable."

(Wife of US President-elect, Laura Bush, explaining why she chooses to wear pumps)

..."The MCL KILLS 80 to 100 stray dogs daily. As the dead dogs are gainfully used in several countries of the world, the corporation invites proposals from private parties interested in exporting dead dogs or using them gainfully at home."

(Repugnant invitation of proposals from Metropolitan Corporation of Lahore)

..."THEY ROB OUR TREASURY. They rob our land. They rob everything, and they never get caught."

(General Saiyud Kerdphol, chairman of an independent election-monitoring group, commenting on politics of corruption in Thailand)


(Palestinian President Yasser Arafat talking to an aide after talking to President Clinton on phone over proposal peace plan)

..."ELECTING ME was a slap in the face, a blow to the traditional political class which has done nothing to improve the lot of the poorest and has just devoted itself to defending its own interest — making the rich richer and poor poorer."

(Shoeshine man Luis Eduardo Diaz on winning one of 42 town councillor seat in Colombia's capital Bogota)

..."THE ONLY LEADER I did not manage to have a proper conservation with was Clinton. I was speaking and he was looking at one of the walls, admiring the frescos and the paintings."

(Pope John Paul quoted as saying that US President never listened to him during an audience in June 1994)