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!title3.jpg (57039 bytes)The quota regime, being a blessing in disguise for Pakistan, is expected to completely phase out by December 31, 2004. The economic managers are required to plan and to implement policies enabling the local manufacturers to compete globally. At the same time, the players have to revamp the existing facilities and add new capacities which should come on line before end of the year 2003, if Pakistan has to retain its share in the global trade of textiles and clothing.



In the wake of 5 times increases in prices of POL products, the chain effects on prices in general and the transport and electricity in particular causing great hardships for the poor. Though the government has assured to review the prices downward in the coming month of March, yet the bitter experience the people have to go through it is hard to make them believe the government's offer. It has been the tradition that once the price of any thing goes up it never comes down in Pakistan.

Permission to import sugar from India has become a major concern for the sugar industry in Pakistan. The sugar industry feels that high price of sugarcane and levy of the sales tax on sugar industry resulting in enhancing the cost of production and rendering the industry incompetitive to the dumping price of the Indian sugar. They have urged the government either to exempt the sales tax or increase the duty from 15 to 40 per cent to provide a level ground to the local industry.

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