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Indeed a project to serve the humanity

July 16 - 22, 2001

"Rashidabad", an upcoming seat of learning right in the heart of rural Sindh is the reminiscence of Flight Lieutenant Rashid A Khan, a student of PAF College Sargodha, who laid down his life for the nation. The Rashid memorial Welfare Organization was formally launched on December 13, 1998.

The vision of the project is to "eradicate illiteracy and alleviate poverty". The basic thrust of the concept is in the field of Health, education, environment and poverty alleviation.

Education being one of the weakest areas of our society, a lot of emphasis is given to the establishment of educational institutions for providing quality education at low cost. A 2600 children school has already been set up which will be enhanced to HSSC level. A boarding house will be available. Besides normal education, to provide vocational training and education to widows, orphans and special children, a Sarai is under construction. In addition, the program endeavors to reach remote areas through mobile teaching units. The most comprehensive plan is to establish the Sargodha Spirit Trust (SST) Public School as a joint venture with the SST. SST is an organization of Sargodhian Old Boys' Association comprising the alumni of PAF public school Sargodha. Rashidabad has started coming up on the ground after the approval by SST to enter a joint venture with Rashid Memorial Welfare organization for setting up the SST public School Rashidabad.

The Rashidabad institution is to be built through donations from ex-Sargodhians and benevolent foreign/local philanthropic organizations. The estimated cost of this very worthwhile project is Rs125 million. The construction work is to start in March 2002 and it would take at least eight years to complete the project.

In order to give a formal shape to the MOU, the management Committee of Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization organized a signing ceremony at the War College PAF recently. Mohammed Mian Soomro, Governor Sindh, Air Chief Marshal Farooq F. Khan, who is the Chairman SST, Air Cdr. Shabbir A. Khan (Retd) who is the main force behind the project were present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Governor Sindh while appreciating the self-less efforts of the management for spreading the light of knowledge especially in the rural areas of Sindh, has offered every possible support on the part of the government of Sindh for making the project a great success.

Addressing the gathering ACM Farooq Feroze Khan described the occasion as the first step towards a long and arduous journey for the cherished goal. He expressed the hope that having laid the first brick of the foundation of SST Public School Rashidabad today by the signing of the MOU the management would leave no stone unturned to complete the project to the best of the capabilities. A message from Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir Chief of the Air Staff, PAF was also read on the occasion.

Message said, "I am extremely delighted at signing of the MOU between SST and Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization (RMWO) for establishing a public school in Sindh. I view the present event as step forward towards ultimate realization of sublime goal. The RMWO, the brainchild of former colleague of mine, Air Cdr. Shabbir A. Khan (Retd) is dedicated to the service of humane by eliminating illiteracy, poverty and providing health care to the masses of rural Sindh. The MOU is a happy fusion of the lofty ideals of SST and RMWO. The motto of PAF College Sargodha: Aim High" imparts the Sargodhian a vision, which spurts him to high achievements, befitting his unique grooming and education. As the Sargodhian grows up in real life, he becomes increasingly convinced that he owes a lot to the society. Thus is born a spirit of thanksgiving, the Sargodhian Spirit in which the Sargodhian yearns to be the benevolent donor of his own good fortune to the seekers of enlightened education. The establishment of the SST Public School of Rashidabad, near Tando Alla Yar, as a joint venture of SST and RMWO is a giant undertaking, which would obviously, takes years together to blossom fully. Therefore, the project requires sound planning and development to achieve the goals of efficiency and productivity. I wish Godspeed and success to all those involved in the project. The need to provide institutions of educational excellence like the SST Public School, Rashidabad is a collective responsibility of the society. I take this opportunity to call up on every one to donate generously to this noble cause. May Allah bless this project with a crowning success", the message concluded.

The project, spread over 83 acres of land was launched in 1998. It has already started imparting education at primary level and health services offered to the poor of the area. Beside eliminating illiteracy, the efforts to alleviate poverty, interest free loans at micro level are also being offered to working men and women of the adjacent areas which has started producing positive results within the given circumstances. The poor but honest rural population is earning their bread and butter with the help of micro-credit system introduced by RMWO. This of course provides opportunity to the rural population to live respectfully. Nothing can be greater than to serve the humanity the greatest value on earth. Indeed it is serving the purpose.