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By Syed M.Aslam
July 09 - 15, 2001

*** "ALL THE PALESTINIANS who have died so far in the Intifada are the Che Guevaras of Gaza."

(General secretary of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Ali al-Qatawi, on the emergence of South American revolutionary Che Guevara who has become a role model for Palestinians and whose face gets larger-than-life treatment in the Isreali occupied territories)

*** "EARLY MARRIAGE serves as a base for building a great society."

(A researcher speaking at a symposium held in Baghdad, Iraq. President Saddam Hussain has given directives to encourage early marriage in the country to enhance awareness about the social, moral, religious and health benefits. All the unmarrieds presidential employees would be paid $ 1,000 if they wed within a year)

*** " . . . the number of registered voters was 25,151 and votes polled were 1,695 . . . the highest number of votes secured by [were] were 165 who was declared winner."

(Election result of one of the 178 Union Council constituency held in Karachi on July 2 amidst boycott call by various parties)

*** "COLLECTIVELY, all the five databases show a trend toward upper castes being more similar to Europeans, whereas lower castes are more similar to Asians."

(Research conducted by a team of leading US and Indian genome scientists titled, 'Genetic Evidence on the Origins of Indian Caste Populations', confirming the genetic affinity between the Europeans and upper caste Hindus)

*** "IT IS A CONVERSATION PIECE. People immediately want to smell it."

(Director of the company making paper and stationery from elephant dung. Up-market restaurants and hotels are presenting their menus in exotic boards made of recycled elephant dung)

*** "ANYBODY who gets unnecessarily alarmed and worried (puts me off). Secondly, goofs put me off and those who lack common sense upset me."

(President General Pervez Musharraf saying that he is open to criticism and can be convinced by logic alone)

*** "PRIME YEARS OF MY CAREER were lost because I was falsely implicated . . . I have suffered sufficient considerable loss which cannot be compensated."

(Indian superstar Sanjay Dutt maintaining innocence at his trial in the serial bomb blasts in Bombay on March 12, 1993)

*** "AS SOCIETY CHANGES, you have to invent new words to talk about the changes. We use the world 'mouse' in a way it wasn't used 20 years ago."

(Professor of English at Trinity University San Antonio, Texas, Scott Baird, saying that language never remains static but is always in the process of change)

*** "IF (Taiwan president) CHEN has the audacity to go in for Taiwan independence, then I will lead you to liberate Taiwan."

(Chinese President Jiang Zemin vowing to lead the People's Liberation Army into war if Taiwan formally declared independence)

*** "WE HAD A CALL a couple of years ago from a farmer . .. and we did learn that some horses had a problem. But this is the first time we have ever had an order for donkeys."

(UK sun cream manufacturer on the order placed for the supply of cream to 3,500 donkeys. The order placed by Donkey Sanctuary in Devon is aimed at protecting the animals from too much sunlight)

*** "THE BEST DETERRENT of drug abuse and trafficking is economic development of all classes and categories."

(Indrani Gupta, one of the principal investigators of UN-sponsored report 'Illegal Drug Market in India', blaming unemployment as the major cause of drug abuse in India)

*** "WHO SAYS DNA AND PROTEIN is the only way to build something? One day, we may be able to grow a washing machine in the garden."

(Winner of 1998 Nobel Prize in Physics, Professor Horst Stormer, predicting a revolution in new materials that will open a world of possibilities, including computer chips that grow. He was speaking at an international conference in Singapore attended by three other Nobel Prize winners)

*** "MAYBE TOMORROW we will hear that Belgium is anti-Semitic."

(Palestinian Attorney General Khaled al-Qidra expressing fears that pressure from the West would prevent a Belgian court from indicting Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for war crimes against Palestinians. Sharon was responsible for 1982 massacre of hundreds of Palestinian at Sabra and Shatila refugee camps)