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Title 28.jpg (26014 bytes)Pakistan spends billions of dollars annually on import of furnace oil used by thermal power plants, cement manufacturing units and other processing industries. The use of indigenous coal, as a source of energy, will not only make locally produced items competitive but will also help in saving substantial forex spent on import of furnace oil. However, inadequate infrastructure, storage and handling facilities are the major impediments in smooth transition. The global shift back to coal utilization and the advent of Clean Coal Technologies demands its obligatory utilization to be reinforced by a long-term Coal Policy.


The excellent timings for deregulation of petroleum sector in Pakistan and the three energy conferences in UK, USA and Canada to attract foreign investors in oil and gas sector shows the business acumen of the economic managers in Pakistan.

A deep drafted port at Gwadar may turn another business hub of Pakistan after Karachi. The interest shown by China to extend a $250 million loan on soft-term for phase-1 of Gwadar deep-sea port has become a talking point internationally. The total cost of the project is estimated at $1.16 billion.

Economic Survey is the annual pre-budget document published by the government. The statistics compiled and printed by the government can help us understanding the economic progress, or lack of it. PAGE has picked out selective economic, social and financial indicators, collated them wherever necessary and analysed them to better understand what they imply.

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