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Title 27.jpg (36473 bytes) National Housing Policy approved by the President of Pakistan on June 22, 2001 has endorsed that housing and construction sector has tremendous potential to generate maximum employment opportunities. Its multiple effects on the economy have to robust potential to generate industrial activities, develop small and medium enterprises (SMEs) self-employment opportunities, business, commerce and trade activities and at the same time encourage utilization of indigenous natural and man-made resources available in the country.


In theory allowing the private sector to export wheat first time ever makes all the sense. In practice, however, it is feared to give virtual control to the private sector over the procurement and export of the commodity, particularly in the absence of check and balance measures. As is, farmers are forced to dispose of the crop much below the official support price of Rs 300/40 kilogram thus denying them the chance to earn fair returns for months of hard work.

Research and development activities must be focused in generating knowledge and understanding about how to achieve conservation of water resources. Water shortage is inevitable and bound to be worsen. The best way of making sustainable use of water resources is to empower all users to manage their own supplies. We are all water users. We all therefore have a responsibility for ensuring those coming generations will live in a world, where security, not water scarcity is the norm.

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