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By Syed M.Aslam
June 25 - July 01, 2001

*** "THE INFORMATION AGE is over. Once something is established and taken for granted then it is no longer of value."

(Maltese-born London-based psychologist and author, Edward de Bono predicting that creativity would take precedence over facts and information in IT)


(Report published by the Industrial Society of UK saying that humans have an instinctive need to gossip- 'the vital function of social interaction')

*** "IT'S LIKE A BULLET hitting a bullet . . . Today experts say that it is impossible to achieve this. And the experience of real tests demonstrate that today it is impossible."

(Russian President Vladimir Putin doubting the success of US missile defence system)

*** "AS YOUNG AMERICANS, you have an important responsibility . . . I hope you will continue to learn more about our wonderful country."

(US President George W. Bush's letter to a class of 11-year old British students calling them young Americans drawing laughs at the 'geographical gaffe')

*** "IT IS BECAUSE people believe in the small family concept that we do not have the extra 10,000 troops needed to finish off the ethnic war quickly."

(Hawkish Sri Lankan Prime Minister, Ratnasiri Wickremanayake, urging his people to plan another war generation through a baby boom to help swell the ranks of armed forces to eliminate separatist Tamil Tiger rebels. The comments have drawn sharp criticism from political analysts)

*** " . . . but it does not have the right [to] take any (legal) step whatsoever in this matter. Such steps fall within the jurisdiction of Saudi Arabia."

(Saudi Arabian defence minister, Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz, questioning US right to try 14 suspects of 1996 bombing in Khobar that killed 19 US airmen)

*** "THEY ESPECIALLY HATE IT because Malaysia was able to defend the economic and financial attack they launched (through speculators) . . . They loathe the Malaysian government for exposing their evil intention when they introduced the concept of globalisation and a borderless world."

(Malaysian Premier Mahathir Mohamad lashing out at opposition parties and the West who 'hate his country')

*** "I DON'T THINK the Commonwealth is that significant an organisation."

(Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz brushing aside criticism of General Pervez Musharraf assuming the Presidential office by the Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon)

*** "I AM WRITING to you to express in the strongest terms the objections of the government of Canada and my personal objections to the way in which your government has dealt with the question of honours bestowed on Canadian citizens."

(Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretein's angry letter to his British counterpart Tony Blair asking him not grant titles like 'lord' or sir' to Canadians as 'knighthoods and peerages are not compatible with democracy in his country')

*** "THERE'S OTHER PEOPLE up here, you know . . . I think that's a good question for President Prodi."

(US President George W. Bush humourously redirecting a question posed to him at the end of summit in Gothenberg, Sweden, reminding the journalists that his European counterparts, including the head of European Commission Romano Prodi, were also available for grilling)

*** "THE POLITICAL CLASS is very timid on this question. France effectively institutionalised torture in our country. It is difficult to understand why the state is silent."

(Spokesman for the Committee Against Torture and Disappearance During the National Liberation War, Toufik Chellal, commenting on the absence of official reaction on the atrocities committed by France during Algeria's fight for independence)

*** "PILOTS OF AIRLINERS are in charge of a few hundred passengers, and we monitor their mental health in the most detailed way. By contrast, politicians control the lives of millions, but we let them run around without any form of psychological profiling."

Dr James Toole, a leading UK brain scientist and president of the World Federation of Neurology, calling for regular testing of world leaders and senior politicians for signs of mental instability of madness)