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By Khurram H. Kalia
June 18 - 24, 2001

Internet, Once a luxury now a necessity.

In the IT Era of today you'll hardly find people who are not aware of Internet. Life today is incomplete without Internet. An increasing number of people are now benefiting from the rich advantages and service provided on Internet. Internet is not only a source of Information but also an entertainment provider. Gone are the days when we had to run to the libraries in search of information or watch TV to entertain ourselves. Today all one need is to log on to the Internet and get tons and tons of information from all around the world.

Internet has brought a revolution into our lives. Before Internet humanity was bound within geographical barriers. Internet where there are no such boundaries and one can just sit in front of the PC and the whole world is right in front of you. Communication problems have been resolved; ways of carrying out economic activities has been modified. Not only this, Internet has revolutionized the way businesses are conducted, education is pursued, shopping is done, so on and so forth.

Blessings of Internet cannot be quantified. In short we can say that there is not even one aspect of life, which has not been affected strongly by this incredible technology. The change can be predicted in this manner that a time will soon come when each and every electronic appliance in the home will have an Internet Address and connection. For instance, Refrigerator will maintain stock of things it contains and as soon as the stock goes below a certain level, it will automatically place a reorder of the required stuff through Internet. Through this example we can foresee how Internet would facilitate our activities and will take away the load of monitoring minor responsibilities from our life.

E-Commerce is another term being widely used these days. E-Commerce is an abbreviation for Electronic Commerce. Any kind of transaction carried out on Internet or through World Wide Web (www) comes under E-Commerce. E-Commerce involves B2B, B2C and C2C transactions. These abbreviations stand for Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumers and Consumers-to-Consumers transactions respectively. Today if you want a particular raw material from Brazil, a fine piece of Art from Egypt, a spectacular piece of Jewelry from USA, a nice Bottle of Perfume from Paris, all you need to do is to log on to Internet and buy one.

E-Commerce has simplified our lives in an amazing manner. All those things which once seemed too difficult to acquire, can be own now with the blessing of E-Commerce.

Today every kind of product and service is available on Internet due to E-Commerce. Several new products and services are coming up which were no longer there before the advent of Internet. The concept of Virtuality is gaining popularity like a wild fire. Everything, which was once done physically, can now be done virtually on the web. You want to send cards to your family & friends, you can send them E-Cards, you want to send them flowers you can send virtual flowers. In addition to this one can also place an order of real flowers or gifts for the loved ones through Internet.

The concept of Virtuality is penetrating all kinds of the major and minor segments. Online universities are coming up with the concept of Virtual University where by students do not need to go to the actual premises to attend the class. Rather they just log on to their PC at home or at any Cyber caf'e and attend their Class in any University in the world. This has led to several new dimensions for the educational sector. Teachers can cater to a larger number of Students at one time as per their convenience. Institutes can hire instructors from anywhere in the world since the physical presence of the instructor is not an issue here. This mode of education has led to many advantages plus convenience for teachers, students and administration.

Internet has also changed the way monitoring and tracking is done. There was a time when the management and the managers physical presence was necessary to make employees work properly, now Internet not only facilitates monitoring of projects but also enable managers and managements to track each and every activity and resource involved in that project. For this purpose the management and mangers' physical presence is not necessary in the office. They can get access to the reports online and communicate with the relevant personnel via email or chat. Same features can be provided to clients who in turn can monitor and track the development or manufacturing of their software or products.

KalSoft is a Software House where by our mission is that: We upgrade our customer's business to meet the challenges of the future and to give it an 'IT-edge'.

KALSOFT has been incorporated with the intention of undertaking software Development of all kinds. The main concentration is on exporting quality software that not only earns precious Foreign Exchange for the country but also promotes Pakistan as an emerging software market. This concern is being governed by a panel of experts having a vast experience in the Information Technology (IT), and business areas headed by a dedicated professional with IT experience of over 35 years. Initially it has been planned to assemble a group of about 400 professionals to develop quality software for our local & foreign clients/customers. This group consists of a blend of experienced and fresh graduates.

The vision behind Developing KalSoft is to promote it as Pakistan's most quality oriented software house that enjoys a distinctive position in the International market and promote Pakistan as a leading player in the Information Technology. Thus, our prime consideration is to maintain Quality and to that end there will be no compromise. The other and perhaps more important aspect of this venture is a social one and that is to increase the IT literacy of our beloved country and create more opportunities for employment. Excellence is a tradition of the Kalia Group and we intend to make Kalsoft a house of excellance as well.

Since information technology is the most important tool for any business these days therefore our main emphasis is on Web based solutions, E-Commerce, M-Commerce, and specializing in C2C, B2C & B2B software development.

Kalsoft predicted this advancement of Internet and that's why developed several financial, educational and management applications which are all web based. By web based we means that all our software can be operated on the web i.e. Internet. All these software can be accessed or used from any platform, which means that these softwares do not need to be installed on any particular computer. The database of these applications is maintained on web so as to provide maximum accessibility.

Internet is also offering online Database for back up purpose to ensure reliability and accessibility. It is offering immense services to everyone no matter whether it's a child or an old man, whether it's a housewife or a working woman, whether its a multinational firm or a small local entrepreneur. Internet is our present and it is our future. It is high time that we must get ourselves equipped with the tool of Information Technology; after all it is the language of the 21st century. If we won't acquire it, we would be left far too behind, where no one would even consider us as an entity and eventually we would loose our identity.

KalSoft has taken an initiative and InshaAllah would accomplish its goal of making Pakistan a leading player in the world of Information Technology.