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Title 25.jpg (26687 bytes)This week our Cover Story is not about the mass IT awareness making rounds across Pakistan. It is rather an attempt to qualify and categorise this unparalleled awareness and to use it as a springboard to catapult us, as a nation, into the cyberspace age in practise instead of theory. By now Pakistanis are seem to be bitten by the IT bug. They seem to be running high IT fever obvious from its being the first, and in most cases the only, academic choice for the majority of high school students and the most preferred career option for their counterparts in colleges, universities and vocational institutes.


The Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS)-2001, offered by the management of Habib Bank has stirred over 22,000 HBL employees. Majority of the staff is reluctant to go for VSS. Implementation of the scheme however seems to be inevitable if the bank has to be privatized. This scheme was earlier confined to the staff who joined the bank in August 1991 which has been extended to the willing irrespective to the duration of the employment period. The executives/ officers who will opt for VSS will also be allowed incentives of increase in salary for calculation of the dues.

WAPDA's request for increase in tariff has once again being resisted. Not because consumers do not understand the impact of increase in fuel cost but because the utility has been failing in improving efficiency, curtailing T&D losses and controlling wide spread corruption. The consumers alone are not responsible for power theft. It is being done only in connivance with WAPDA staff.

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