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June 18 - 24, 2001

Gerry's Tours Attaining Significant Strides

Gerry's Tours, a division of Gerry's International, recently held a three-day promotional campaign, highlighting the 'Great Singapore Sale', at Park Towers, Karachi.

Organised by the Singapore Retailers Association and supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, the Great Singapore Sale is a truly enticing shopping festival that offers a myriad of different products for consumers and discounts of up to 90% on certain products. Famous brand names like Levi's, Versace, Mothercare and many more are participating in the highly captivating event that will go on till July 8, 2001.

In collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, Gerry's Tours promoted the Great Singapore Sale at Park Towers. The promotion attracted much attention and highlighted various attractive holiday packages to Singapore, some inclusive of accommodation and breakfast, to facilitate those wanting to experience the festival.

At the Gerry's Tours stall, Amir Ali, Business Development Manager, Gerry's Tour, said, "The promotion of the Great Singapore Sale is indeed a significant stride for Gerry's Tours, and has enabled numerous shoppers to avail of such an opportunity that offers economical rates on airfare, accommodation and the products on offer by various renowned brand names".


UBL wishes to state that the Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) being offered by the bank has not been abolished. The VSS was launched in phases from November, 2000 and closed on June 11, 2001. Therefore, no question arises of its abolition.

Unlike other VSS in local banks, UBL's VSS was absolutely voluntary and was open to every one without discrimination. Out of an estimated number of 5,000 persons, until closing on June 11, 2001, 4,430 persons had accepted UBL's Golden Handshake. This represents an 88% acceptance rate vis-a-vis our target.

The philosophy behind UBL's VSS was to offer a complete lump sum package by way of full and final settlement. This was done on the basis of gross salaries and was made tax efficient for the benefit of departing employees. UBL wishes departing employees success in their new careers. UBL has created new work opportunities through its joint venture with the Pakistan Post Office. In addition, sons and daughters of ex-employees will be given preference in any recruitment in the future.

PAGE representative invited to attend seminar in brussels

Islamabad Bureau Chief of Pakistan & Gulf Economist, Mr. Shamim Ahmed Rizvi, has been invited by the Directorate General Trade, European Commission, to Brussels to attend a 3-day (June 25-27) seminar on World Trade issues, "Global trade and the developing world: European Union Position" will be the main theme of the seminar.

Scheduled to take place in the run up to the world trade organization meeting in Qatar in November last year, the event aims to give journalists a thorough briefing on the EU 8 position vis-a-vis trade policy with the developing world. The seminar has been specially arranged for a group of 15 journalists from the less developed and newly industrialized countries. Mr. Rizvi has been selected to represent Pakistan.

The organization of the seminar will be coordinated by the European journalism center, a training Institute specialized in the organization of information seminars on European issues for journalists. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with senior EU officials dealing with EU trade issues and development. It will also give the participants an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the working of European Commission and other institutions.

Greenwich University

VISIT BY ACADEMICS FROM BANGLADESH: On Wednesday 13th June a group of eminent educationalists from Dhaka University visited Greenwich University as part of a U.G.C. sponsored exchange program.

The group consisting of nine Deans, of various faculties were accompanied by Dr. Haji Mohammed Afzal, Director General Academics, U.G.C and Dr. Iqbal Panhwar, Director General Regional Office, University Grants Commission, Karachi.

The group were taken on a guided tour of the Greenwich University campus as well as to visit the unique sports facilities available. At the completion of the visit the visitors were hosted to a dinner at a local hotel.

Speaking on behalf of the Bangladeshi delegates Professor Abul Hashim expressed his pleasure at the warm welcome afforded his colleagues and praised the Greenwich University for providing such excellent educational facilities for students.

Dr. Haji Afzal said that in the time allowed to the visitors he had selected Greenwich University for a visit as it was the pioneer institution in the private sector and had an enviable record for its excellent education provision.

Dr. Iqbal Panhwar said that he was pleased that the visitors had been able to visit Government and Private Universities and that Greenwich University had been chosen.

A shield was presented to Professor Hashim on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, Greenwich University and the delegates received mementoes of their visit.




Professor Abul Hashim

Treasurer Leader of the Delegation


Dr. M. Irshadul Bari

Dean, & Professor Faculty of Law


Professor M. Asaduz Zaman

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences


Professor A.Z.M. Nowshera A. Khan

Dean, Faculty of Botany


Professor Ch. Mahmood Hasan

Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy


Syed Abul Kalam Azad

Dean, Faculty of Business Studies


Professor Kazi Shahidullah

Dean, Department of History


Professor Mesbauddin Ahmed

Dean, Faculty of Science



Dr. Haji Mohammad Afzal

Director General Academics, Islamabad


Dr. Iqbal A. Panhwar

Director General Regional Office, Karachi.


Mr. Dholan Kiyani

Deputy Director, Karachi.