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By Syed M.Aslam
June 04 - 10, 2001

*** "I TAKE ANOTHER LESSON with me. There are two rebels in the world, one is Dr Mahathir and the other is me . . . Globalisation is a new and sophisticated form of plundering."

(Revolutionary Cuban President asked if Malaysia has any lessons for Cuba and what he thought of globalisation)

*** "SHE SHOULD NOT dictate to us. We know how to practise democracy and run parliament."

(Leader of Bangladesh's main opposition party BNP demanding that US Ambassador Mary Ann Peters be declared persona non grata for remarks construed as interference in internal affairs)

*** "I THOUGHT last time (the election), in 1997, that he was lying when he denied he was a socialist. The worst thing I can say about him is that he was telling the truth."

(Veteran spy writer John Le Carre saying he would use his vote in Britain's forthcoming general elections to punish Prime Minister Tony Blair)

*** "NOW WE HAVE a better idea of what President Bush meant when he talked about restoring honour and dignity to the White House."

(Phil Schilero, the staff director for the Democratic minority on the Government Reform Committee, criticising President George W. Bush's first big fund-raiser which included a bonus visit to the vice president's mansion for top donors)

*** "SCHROEDER BEHAVES like a 19th century feudal lord with his fat cigar and his grand style.'

(Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider lashing out at German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder for his part in political sanctions by EU partners after Haider's Freedom Party contested election last year)


(Former French foreign minister Roland Dumas on hearing the verdict by a court sentencing him six months in prison for receiving $ 9.75 million in kickbacks for lobbying for the then state-owned oil company Elf in the 1991 sale of six frigates to Taiwan)

*** "I'AM VERY SMALL, but in my head I'm six-foot-two."