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June 04 - 10, 2001

South City Institute of Management & Technology (SCIMT) has been established since February 1998. The Institute has obtained NOC for the charter from University Grants Commission vide letter #15-13/ugc- sec/99/92.

SCIMT a Private Coeducation Institute is established to meet the challenges of 21st century and to make its humble contribution in the economic and technological development of Pakistan by providing quality education at an affordable cost.

The Institute is managed by a group of dedicated professionals & academicians who have committed their lives to the cause of not only upgrading the education standards in Pakistan but to provide excellent professionals who can meet the challenges and the requirements of the new millennium.

Institute offers full time as well as part time on campus Bachelors, Masters and Executive Masters degree programs. All programs are based on directed study and provide unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.


SCIMT's vision is in line with the aspirations of the nation, that "by year 2020 Pakistan should fully emerge as a newly industrialized nation and should gain a status of center of education in Near East Asia region. The quality of life of the people of Pakistan should rise to standards of developed countries and that an average Pakistani should feel himself/herself as empowered and globally competitive".

This vision directs the basic philosophy of SCIMT that is "to prepare its students for an uncertain world in which the pace of changes seems to be ever accelerating". This will be achieved by providing education and training that harnesses, develops and catalyzes the constructive and productive use of the full potentials and capabilities of Pakistani men and women into becoming creative, decisive, critically thinking and acting individuals.

The main objective of SCIMT is:

"To provide quality education to its students for professional careers, carried out in professional way at an affordable cost".

This will be achieved by:

* Pursuing excellence in education and research by developing appropriate curriculum and teaching practices, acquiring talented faculty & providing an environment conducive to teaching and learning.
* Keeping abreast with the state of the art educational technology.
* Developing activity based education at each level, i.e., delivering practical excellence.
* Developing the creative, decisive & critically thinking skills in students to prepare them as innovators & leaders in their area of specialization to deal with routine and non routine decisions problems.
* Inculcating social, moral, political and ethical sense of responsibilities.
* Continuously strengthening links with business community, understanding their needs and developing the required curricula and education pedagogy.
* Actively pursue the advanced research activities.
* Collaborating SCIMT with locally & internationally in the field of education and research.
* Continue introduction of new educational faculties.
* We believe that education programs must impart to candidates the latest information relevant to industry practice, and must transfer that information in a way that is usable and applicable to their professional careers. Hence the programs offered are constantly monitored and revised to ensure that we stay at the frontier of the global best practice in management and technological education.

Method of instructions:

The educational philosophy of SCIMT aims to broaden students skills based on professional and practical approach.

The faculty is one of the key pillars in the success of South City Institute of Management & Technology.

Programs offered at Scimt:

* Information Technology & Computer Sciences
* Business Administration.
* Textile Technology Management.

Faculty of business administration:

The professionalism of Business Management is a major contribution to a nation's economic success.

Faculty of Computer Sciences:

The Faculty of Computer Sciences is equipped with three most modern "Hands on" computer laboratories. Each lab is equipped with modern microcomputers PC's (Pentiums II & III) with 24 hours Internet facility.

The faculty of Computer Sciences at South City Institute of Management & Technology offers two separate degree programs.

These are:

* Information Technology Degree Program.
* Computer Software Development Degree Program.

Information Technology Department:

The Information Technology degree program at SCIMT is designed in view of the recent hi-tech development and needs of the market.


It seems befitting that at the beginning of new millennium, we are on the threshold of a quiet revolution. The spectacular technological inventions are about to completely change the way we do business, the dramatic shift in the way companies conduct business is already evident due to the effect of the internet on the way people work, learn and play.

Computer Software Development Department:

In this department the courses are designed for students who want to gain in-depth understanding of computer with specific emphasis on software development

Faculty of Textile Technology Management:

The Faculty of Textile Technology Management Department offers degree programs in 3 disciplines:

1. Textile Processing
2. Textile Designing
3. Textile Spinning.