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Title 23.jpg (40463 bytes)Tanned leather, leather garments and leather footwear collectively contribute top earnings in the total exports of Pakistan second only to cotton-textile group. During the first nine months ended March 31 this fiscal the exports of these three core leather categories depicted over 26 per cent increase over the corresponding period last year. PAGE looks at the prospects of increased demand of Pakistani leather and products in the FMD plagued UK resulting in the culling of over 3.1 million cattle. It also takes a look at the capacity and capability of the local industry to meet the expected increase in export demand.

In order to earn better value and respect in the international market, Pakistan has decided that quality and grading certificate will be issued by the reputed private companies prior to export of cotton, rice, wheat and fruits. Promotion of "Made-in-Pakistan" culture would be an added advantage of this decision of quality certification of Pakistani products.

Chief Executive Gen. Pervez Musharraf is intended to visit India shortly. The schedule of the visit is yet to be announced. It is however an icebreaking development, which has kindled the hopes for easing the tense relations between the two nations. Apart from a positive effect on the political fronts, the business community in both the countries are attaching great importance to the visit which they feel may help improving trade relations between the two countries.

Instituted in 1982, MAP's Corporate Excellence Award is the most sought-after award in the corporate sector in Pakistan. This honour bestows upon recipients, the distinction of being the best managed.

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