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IT and Media

By Tariq Ahmed Nizami
May 21 - Jun 03, 2001

Information Technology (IT), this acronym has gained tremendous allure in the recent scenario and from the last two decades people are completely aware of the opportunities lying vacant in this industry. For this and many more reasons like this, masses of all the different regions are willing to equip themselves to match the contemporary requirements. Now IT has become a part of almost every walk of life and that's why we can't segregate it in any case. Professionals of different disciplines are urged and provoked to make a full use of IT in their respective field. When we talk about IT, many revolutionary changes have taken place and we are being observed a lot of vivid modification just because of the involvement of IT.

But what we have been observed in Pakistan, on the contrary to the other countries of the world is that that our key media players are not making full use of IT and the reason behind this fact according to my experience is, personnel who can able to bring changes in this field, are not fully aware of the facilities and tools which are available after the inclusion of IT. The other important hurdle or obstacle that really revoke the plans is its expenses. They assume this as an extravagant expense but as a matter of fact it does not appear to be extravagant for those who can able to understand its contribution in the field. Keeping in mind the necessity of using IT by the media players, Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology is going to arrange a series of seminars for media persons regarding to this issue i.e. IT and the media and I have already mentioned this while answering the questions of the journalists in a press conference. These seminars will be conducted on every Sunday from July and sagacity will be provided to them about the use of IT in their field.

Furthermore, I also have mentioned all these things on FM 101 so that related persons will get this information and a desire for getting first-hand knowledge will be evoked in their lives and they will able to gain expertise that will help them in their upcoming lives.

Around the globe, technology continues to revolutionize the business landscape and have a dramatic impact on the world. In the midst of this revolution, companies face a myriad of challenges that require innovative and proactive solutions that help maintain short-term success and sustain a long-term competitive advantage.

We have identified that companies operating in the technology, information, communications (and telecommunications), media and entertainment sectors (TICE), all face similar issues all related to the massive impact rapid developments in computer technology are creating. These issues include:

Choice and changing infrastructure: The proliferation of choice, new technologies such as the Internet, increase in competitive pressures and new and more efficient delivery channels have fragmented the consumer market in all sectors.
Consolidation and convergence of technologies As a truly global marketplace emerges, companies are:

1. Finding synergies with other industry or organizations
2. Rationalization of core competencies, and
3. Optimizing outsourcing opportunities

Regulation and standardization: Rapid developments in digital technology are blurring the distinction between telecommunications, computing and media. Changing legislation in many markets has resulted in the eradication of entry barriers to the industry.

The results are phenomenal: new markets, new players, new challenges, and for those positioned to turn change to competitive advantage new opportunities.

Implications of the global marketplace: To be successful, sector companies need to develop efficient and effective global operations to:

o Service international expansion
o Source finance to enable expansion, and
o To cater for complex tax codes and regulations

IT involves in about every thing relating to the different industries, and mesmerized the whole world with its pragmatism and practicality. It will definitely open new horizon for our media world too. Whatever may be the case, new spirit has already been introduced in the field due to the IT applications. New display methods that combine both e-publishing and multimedia technologies will be applied to create a real impact and enhance the realism of the media world. Well whatever we say it would remain insufficient to elaborate the changes that occurred due to IT, so in the end I would like to confine myself by saying these words that we are trying to create awareness in the media persons to make them feel that they are also a part of this IT world in a way or other and expectantly this field will rehabilitate in this country.