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By Syed M.Aslam
May 21 - Jun 03, 2001

*** "IRAN AND CUBA consider the imposing of economic pressures as well as sanctions against independent countries to be against human rights, and (we) condemn measures by certain nations which aim at imposing their power (on other countries)."

(Joint statement issued at the conclusion of landmark visit by revolutionary Cuban leader Fidel Castro to Iran)

*** "WHY DIDN'T we do this years ago? It makes obvious sense."

(Chief of New England Medical Centre, Boston, Dr Richard J. Rohrer, on the first-ever donor network programme in the US which saved the life of a 12-year old boy whose mother donated her own kidney to a stranger to vault her son on the top of kidney waiting list)

*** "PAKISTAN-CHINA relations are higher than Himalayas, deeper than oceans and sweeter than honey."

(Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf speaking at a joint press conference with Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji on the first day of his four-day visit to Pakistan)

*** "THERE'S A GUT FEELING among a lot of people that the oil companies seem to making a lot of money while gasoline prices are going up. The fact that the president has a long and deep relationship with oil companies is the kind of thing that Americans may associate with these gasoline prices."

(Senator John Edwards, a Democrat, lambasting Republican President George W. Bush for power blackouts and sky-high increases in petrol prices)

*** "ON TRADE, the industrialised countries have operated a policy of highway robbery masquerading as market access preferences."

(Senior Policy Advisor of global economic watchdog Oxfam, Kevin Watkins, on the 27-page report 'Rigged trade and not much aid: How rich countries help to keep the least developed countries poor" through trade restrictions)

*** "THE NON-RATIFIERS should refrain from obstructing the drafting of the rules. As I said to recently to friends in American administration, 'don't poison the pie you will not eat'."

(Danish Environmental Minister Svend Auken asking the US not to 'poison' the UN's Kyoto Protocol on global warming, which it has rejected promising to float its own proposals)

*** "I THINK that politicians can think towards war, but soldiers fear it as it is they who suffer from it."

(Cuban President Fidel Castro reasoning why despite being a soldier the US Secretary of State Colin Powell seemingly doesn't like war. He made the remarks during his visit to Doha, Qatar)

*** "A REPRESENTATIVE of the Church and business sector will say a prayer to ask forgiveness for neglecting the poor and failing to live simply."

(Catholic Church and the business elite, the two of the prime targets of angry supporters of former Philippine president Joseph Estrada, asking divine forgiveness for their lavish lifestyle and neglecting the poor)

*** "BOB'S BODY may be down below but his spirit is everywhere. I talk to Bob like I do with the living, only I don't talk about nonsense like I do with the living."

(Mother of reggae icon Bob Marley saying her son's message is alive and well in his native Jamaica)

*** "WE WILL SUPPORT our people by every means in the face of the Zionist crimes . . . I am surprised by the fuss. It is a question of life or death for our people, who are facing a ferocious enemy."

(Head of pro-Syrian radical Palestnian Group, Ahmad Jibril, claiming responsibility for a 40 tonnes arms shipment captured by Israel at sea and promising flow of more such shipments)

*** "I HAVE SPENT 60 years on Earth and I spent eight days in space. From my viewpoint it was two separate lives."

(World's first space tourist Dennis Tito describing his trip)