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THAL ENGINEERING - All about Passion and People

May 21 - Jun 03, 2001

The story of Thal Engineering is nothing less than a success story by all means and all standards. If it were benchmarking its standards, operations, policies and successes against anyone in the corporate world, its people could already be thinking of having reached its pinnacle but then they had the wisdom of not benchmarking against anyone else but instead decided to benchmark against themselves which ensures continuous improvement. This simple strategy provided the impetus to continually improve themselves and now there can never ever be a stopping point. During the course, they have been able to create value for its customers exceeding their expectations.

Thal Engineering is a Habib group (House of Habib) company and was founded in 1996. It manufactures Denso auto airconditioners in collaboration with Denso Corporation-Japan and wiring harness in collaboration with Furukawa-Japan. That Engineering and its products are associated with leading car manufacturers of the country Toyota, Suzuki and Daihatsu.

If profits were the only motive of the people of this company, it could easily have closed its eyes to its customers. The driving force of this company is not profits but a "Passion". The passion to reach out to its customers and make them "Customers for Life". The passion to stand behind its products and to own them forever. It feels that its survival does not rest merely in the quality of its products but the intimacy of its relationships with its customers.

The Service Called "WOW".

When the company decided to serve its customers, it decided not merely to offer just service to its customers but to offer every single time to its customers, the service with a Wah. The customers, every time, after receiving the service should say in their hearts, "Wah - What a Service". The key to this Wah service is "Total Solution".

Revolutionary Initiative - "Free Service for Life".

The company sells its Denso auto airconditioners to auto-makers and when the customers buy A/C cars, these A/Cs are built in these cars. The company decided to stand behind its airconditioners, which though are sold in bulk to car rnanufacturers, for the entire life of the product by offering "Free Service for Life". Not just free service, its offer includes 50% discount on gas (R-134a) charging and 10% discount on all genuine Denso parts. The products of this company carry warranty and are of the highest Japanese quality. To provide service of this high quality to its more than 70,000 customers, the company has set up three dedicated Denso car aircon centres in Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad and 24 dealerships in all major cities of the country. All this could have been done only because the people of this company have the passion to serve its customers, and overwhelm them with their WOW service.


The products, i.e., all the A/Cs for the various car models of Toyota, Suzuki and Daihatsu are customized and exclusively designed (tailor made) for each model in Japan. As a result, these Denso A/Cs yield lowest fuel consumption. The entire product range employs latest technology of environmentally friendly R-134a refrigerant. These technologically advanced A/Cs have fastest cool-down time and are 100% compatible with the engine of the car. These pose no load and adverse effect on the engine of the car.

Creating a Sense of Pride

What the people of this company have successfully managed to do is create sheer pride for all its customers, all its stakeholders, all its employees and all linked with it in whatever way. The company prides itself on ethics and pays all its dues with highest level of integrity. The company considers this its obligation to the society and to the country and therefore is contributing towards the development of national economy in the most upright manner. The company has, in a short span of five years, received many awards and certifications but its biggest award is the bondage and confidence of its thousands of customers who are its biggest source of inspiration.