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Greenwich University Alumni Night



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A night to remember

 May 07 - 13, 2001

Those who had studied together and were bench-mates often do not get a chance to see each other for years. Some of them are so engrossed in profession that they hardly get a opportunity to cherish the memories. However, when I entered the venue of Alumni Night, I found the old buddies hugging each other and referring to their past mischief. That was not all, some of them were even grossly entangled in discussions, from politics to economy. Though it was a very informal occasion a large number of Alumni were formally dressed up. Hardly any one could dare to ignore the faculty members who are the architecture of their character, moral values and above all responsible for making them a good human being.

Greenwich University, Alumni Night held on 28th April 2001, was a symbol of unity and pride for the university, which was displayed, in a very elite and graceful manner. Greenwich University, a UGC approved University, is now a degree awarding institution, took pride in their Alumni, bringing them together from various fields of professions. Multinationals, Corporates, Banks and Local established organisation including NGO's The Vice Chancellor, Ms. Seema Mughal addressed the Alumni, taking great pride in the young professionals, which the university has managed to produce. It was a moment of joy and achievement. A symbol of gesture a photographic history of the owners of Greenwich University was presented to the Vice Chancellor from the Alumni. This was followed by a Alumni March, to honor the Greenwich University, Vice-Chancellor faculty, Administration and Management, by holding flags and banners. The evening was highlighted by a sizzling Chinese dinner, followed by a musical evening which concluded the glamours evening. This night was a night to remember, as it united not only People or Alumni it displayed a spirit which was eternal by nature, and the Alumni banner stating "Hats off to Greenwich University". We love it! It is our identity" puts in an endeavour to the university's progress.