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 May 07 - 13, 2001

PAF-KIET is not only providing a congenial scholastic environment but is also persuading students to take part in extra curricular activities to developed a well rounded personality. PAF-KIET faculty and students demonstrated exultant potency in various non-academics activities. Following is the summarized report of those feats.

Mr. Ramzan Ali, a faculty member, read a paper in the seminar organised by Hans Siedal Foundation and department of International Relations, Karachi University. He addressed the issue of "Globalization and Forced Labor Migration: A case study of Pakistan. His paper was highly appreciated. Mr. Ramzan have five papers to his credit.

Ms. Subul Naqvi of BCS I spring 2001 participated in the English Declamation contest held in St. Joseph's College. The topic was "The best virtue has a tincture of Vice". She clinched the second position.

Ahmed Owais of the same batch got the third position in Qirat competition held at the same venue.

PAF-KIET innovated the concept of "Hobby House". To have a look in the past, hobby house was arranged and all the students and faculty members were invited to bring in their collections and creativities. Student came up with a lot of interesting hobbies including candle making, guitar playing, singing, car magazines' collection, bag, stamp, Air Force snaps, coin collection, sleeping, creative writing, and computer software program creation. Among these first prize was given to the 3-D moviemaker, Faheem Abbas. Kamran Ali Khan who made a program on "Flash", won second prize. Two candidates won the third prize. Ali Saeed got it by performing superbly on guitar, while Tanjeena Omer Khan achieved it for displaying Candle-making skills.

After the successful organization of seminar on "Risk Management", Student Seminars Society (SSS) of PAF-KlET organised another successful seminar. This time the subject matter was "Islamic Mode of financing". Haji Abdul Jabbar Khan was the Chief Guest. Mr. M. Sohail, VP of Al-Meezan Bank and Mr. Hassan A. Bilgrami from Gulf Commercial Bank were among the other distinguished speakers. This seminar was sponsored by Askari Commercial Bank, Almeezan Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, First Habib Modarba, Siemens Pakistan Engineering, Pakistan State Oil, Dadex Eternet, Malik Enterprises and Blue Bird.

The directive given by Air Chief Marshal Parvaiz Mehdi Qureshi, previous Chief of Air Staff on the occasion of Inaugural ceremony of PAF-KIET on 26 Sep 2000 regarding Instituting a Scholarship policy for meritorious performance has been implemented. Since last two semesters, 30 students in each semester are being awarded scholarship for studies. The scholarship varies from 100% free ship to 25% concession in tuition fees. 7% of enclosed strength will be awarded this scholarship in each semester. The GPA of the students in usually above 3.5. This policy has helped maintain a completion spirit amongst the students.