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!title19.jpg (54233 bytes)Allianz Group is one of the largest composite insurers in the world. It signed a venture agreement with EFU, the second largest private local insurance company, last year to market health insurance in Pakistan. During first nine months of its informal operations Allianz-EFU has expanded its customer base to over 140 corporate clients and around 30,000 insured lives. It sells both Group and Individual health insurance, being the first and the only company offering such services to individuals. PAGE talked to the Managing Director and Chief Executive, Ahmir ud Deen, who envisions to make health insurance an affordable proposition in a market where public health spending is minimal and cost of hospitalisation is on a continuous increase.

The rationing of power by KESC or WAPDA in the form of load shedding has forced the majority of the large manufacturing units to have their own power plants. Large manufacturing units especially in the textile sector have decided to go for self power generation with a view to overcome problems like loss of working hours, failures in meeting the export commitments etc mainly due to load shedding or power breakdown.

he market has remained range-bound but why a pessimistic attitude? The market which has absorbed large scale selling by foreign fund managers, has the upside potential. For the coming week, focus will be on the result announcements by some volume leaders and an interim dividend by HUBCO.

Though the simulated run was a fiasco, implementation of system and a move towards Internet based trading is much desired. Central Depository System is already in full operation and there is a need to overcome the fear not by resisting the change but by implementing it beyond two companies.

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