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!title18.jpg (42017 bytes)Despite the tall claims the power sector, which is considered as the engine for economic growth, has miserably failed to deliver the goods. Although a good number of private sector power producing companies are providing support to the public sector power utilities companies, the industrial, commercial and social consumers are subjected to the rationing of the power. Is it an ideal condition to attract the foreign investment, achieve economic and social targets? We certainly can have a sumptuous candle-light dinner but not the economic revolution or industrial revolution.


The precarious forex reserves position and presence of some of the largest and quality coal reserves demand that efforts should be made to switchover to this indigenous fuel. However, the real benefit of these reserves can not be exploited without modern mining facilities and efficient infrastructure.

Despite a bad crop mango exports are expected to reach record levels in terms of both quantity and value. The prediction is based on the assumption that the bad crop resulting in unaffordable prices would affect the domestic consumption adversely thereby leaving record quantity for exports. High international prices, on the other hand, are expected to push the value of mango exports to a record high.