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Apr 23 - 29, 2001


United Bank Limited has created a special cell at the Head Office to facilitate employees' queries about various aspects of Voluntary Separation Scheme and assessment procedures being introduced in the bank. The cell will provide all possible guidance to the bank employees throughout the country.

"The main objective for this set-up is to facilitate communication between the field force and Head Office," commented Amar Zafar Khan, President UBL. "The cell will also ensure proper liaison between the various Business Heads and answer queries and/or provide necessary guidance,'' he added.

The Special Cell for Employee Relations will comprise of:

• Mr. S. Muzaffar Saeed VP/in Charge

• Mr. G.N. Abrejo OG.I

• Mr. Muhammad Yahya Zakaria OG.III

• Syed Aamir Anwar OG.III

All employees' queries will be directed to the Special Cell from 09:00 hours to 21:00 hours daily (excluding holidays).

However, any technical queries in respect of "Pay-out Process" for VSS would continue to be addressed to Human Resource Department Secretariat as usual.

Intel Expands E-Business Services

Intel Corporation announced the expansion of its Intelฎ Solution Services Division, including the opening of new e-Business testing centers in California, Virginia, Sweden, England, Germany, India, and China, and the availability of more than 20 new service offerings. The aim of this consulting effort is to develop, test, and tune e-Business operations for cost-efficiency and easier deployment.

"We are responding to the changing e-Business environment," says Will Swope, vice president, Intel Architecture Group. "Though Internet usage is gowing sharply and business-to-business e-Commerce activity is escalating, there is a much greater focus now on reducing the risk of adoption and return on investment".

Water crisis

Water shortage in Sindh may cause a colossal loss of Rs20 to 30 billion to the economy besides shrinking of economic opportunities both in rural and urban areas of the province, this was estimated by the speakers at a seminar on "water crisis in Pakistan" organized by Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) on April 16 in Karachi.

The speakers also expressed their apprehensions that if the water flow in Indus was not improved, it may consequently lead to deteriorate the law and order situation in the province of Sindh.

Speaking on the occasion Qamaruz Zaman Shah, President of the Sindh Agriculture, discussed the possible fall out of water crisis causing serious damage to agriculture growth in the province.

He warned the center against what he called injustices and denial of rights to smaller provinces and the high handedness of the bigger province.

He urged the government to ensure equitable distribution of water to Sindh in accordance with the 1991 water accord agreed between the four provinces.

Qamaruz Zaman lashing out at the chairman of Indus River System Authority (Isra) demanded of the government to institute inquiry against Isra for violation of 1991 accord.


More than 100 big and medium size companies and organizations will display their mechanical and industrial products and achievements at the 3-day "Expotech" starting from May 26 at Expo Centre, Karachi.

The event will be the part of 41st Annual convention of the Institution of Engineers Pakistan (IEP), said M.P. Gangwani, President IEP at a press briefing. Prominent national organizations like Pakistan Steel, Pakistan Machine Tool Factory, Pakistan Ordnance Factories, Karachi Port Trust, Karachi Shipyard and large private sector organizations participating the event.

Outstanding engineers from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Korea, Japan, China, Canada, USA, UK, Jordan, Malaysia besides Pakistan are expected to deliberate new ideas and concepts at the first engineering congress, which is another significant event of the convention, said Gangwani.

First Women Bank Limited

First Women Bank's Business Centre at Karachi is going to start some new courses for the female population of the city in areas of Office Management & Secretarial duties, Spoken English, and Tailoring etc. apart from courses in technical skills of various trades/businesses already been conducted at the centre from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm daily. In order to accommodate working class ladies and to polish their skills in different areas Business Centre is also starting evening classes from the month of May 2001. Classes will be held between 5.00 to 7.00 pm.

It is important to note that FWBL Business Centre Karachi has developed more than 1500 entrepreneurs during the period of one and a half year. Business Centre Karachi is also imparting training to a large number of women in different areas belonging to Aga Khan Community referred by Aga Khan Economic and Planning Board.


Emirates, the Dubai-based international airline, has become the world's first air carrier to respond to current, world-wide fears about deep vein thrombosis (DVT) by providing every passenger on its long-haul flights with an exercise device proven to boost blood circulation in the legs.

At its global launch in London, Emirates was revealed as the first customer for Airogym, a scientifically-tested device which has been developed specifically to tackle DVT.

Leading vascular surgeon John Scurr has conducted clinical trials of the Airogym which show that the device increases blood flow through deep veins by up to 50 per cent, thus reducing the risk of blood clots being formed.

Award-winning Emirates, which operates to 57 destinations in 40 countries, will give Airogym free of charge to all passengers travelling on its long-haul routes.

Emirates' Head of Medical Services, Dr. Alasdair Beatton, said: "The health and welfare of customers is our top priority. Airogym is a significant product because it is a simple and fun way of exercising whilst sitting.

"Airogym will encourage people to exercise on board — something we already urge passengers to do through our video and audio channels during flights and in our inflight magazine.

"Although there is much to learn about the causes of DVT, which appears to affect specific groups of people who sit still without exercise for long periods of time — even when sitting at home — Airogym has proven to improve blood flow. That is why Emirates is becoming the first airline to give its support to this product and is taking a lead role by making it available to our customers."

John Scurr, consultant vascular surgeon at the Middlesex and University Hospitals in London, said: "The scientific tests that we have conducted show the Airogym improves blood flow by between 25 to 50 per cent. This increased blood flow prohibits venous stasis and should reduce the risk of development of potentially dangerous blood clots.

Mr Scurr added: "It's an ingenious device. The user presses down on an inflatable footpad, which compresses the veins in the foot and squeezes blood into the main veins in the calf. The pressure involved in squeezing the foot causes muscular contraction of the calf muscles, which, acting like a muscle pump, promote the flow of blood through the main veins to the heart."

Amanda Richards, Director of Airogym, said: "The beauty of Airogym is that it's simple, discreet and allows you to exercise your leg muscles effectively and quietly, in the safety and comfort of your own seat.

"The use of Airogym can prove beneficial to office workers, the elderly, coach, car or train passengers — not just air travellers. In fact it can help any job, hobby or task that requires someone to be seated for long periods of time."

Dr. Ian Perry, a leading consultant in aviation medicine, said: "Simplicity and ease are the key with the Airogym. There are four different exercises that you can do with it, all of which can be done from a comfortable seated position. It is physically more beneficial to use the Airogym than simply wiggling your feet as you have the resistances of the inflated chambers to work against and exercise your muscles, stimulating an increase in blood flow.

The Airogym was designed and developed by Paul Richards, a former British Airways captain and long haul pilot for 33 years.

Series of extension lectures

Mr. Mushtaque Ahmed Madraswala, FCMA, Director at Chartered Accountant Firm, SF2, Karachi is our Faculty Member/Visiting Scholar and teaches at MBA Executive Evening Program, Elsa Kazi Campus, Hyderabad. He arranged and organized a series of Extension Lectures on our request, in the memory of Late Prof. Muhammad Umer Memon, Director IBA, for our above graduates at the Auditorium of ICMA Karachi on March 11, 2001.

The following prominent speakers delivered Extension Lectures.

1. Mr. Yaqoob Hashim Thara, Financial Controller, Tapal Tea Company, Karachi.
2. Mr. Mohammad Naeemuddin, Senior Vice President, Operation Group, National Bank of Pakistan, 1st Floor, National Bank of Pakistan, I.I. Chundrigar Road Karachi.
3. Mr. Aftab Q. Munshi, AVP, Jahangir Siddiqui & Company, 14th Floor, Chappal Plaza, Hasrat Mohani Road, Karachi.
4. Mr. Intisar M. Usmani, Internal Auditor, Habib Oil Mills, Ltd. SITE, Karachi.

They spoke on different topics of Commerce & Business Administration covering, Management Information System, Management Accounting & Auditing, International Financial Management and Security Analysis.

The Program started at 10:00 am and ended on 7:00 p.m., followed by Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner offered by Mr. Mushtaque Ahmed Madraswala.

Vision 2011-National Economic Revival Seminar Inaugurated

Pakistan Vision 2011, a National Economic Revival Seminar was inaugurated today by the Governor Sindh