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By Syed M.Aslam
Apr 16 - 22, 2001

*** "PEOPLE ARE supplementing food stocks with wild pulses and animal fodder, including a variety called pattak which contains human neurotoxins."

(UN coordinator for Afghanistan reporting that famine has compelled people to eat animal fodder and dangerous wild seeds and plants in drought- and sanctioned-hit Afghanistan)

*** "YOUR HEGEMONISTIC behaviour makes us sick. You think you're the world's policeman. But you're really the world's biggest criminal."

(A Beijing University student voicing anti-American sentiment echoed across China over the ongoing spy plane incident)

*** "NOW I am a Muslim. I want to die a Muslim."

(Well known Indian writer Kamala Das, who embraced Islam and is now called 'Surraiya', declining to accept the lead offer in a French film calling acting against her faith)

*** "WE NEED to educate the majority in society and help the oppressed people to become economically sufficient to become part of mainstream society."

(Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Arun, advocating adoption of his grandfather's teaching as the only way to stop violence in schools and neighbourhoods at a convention held in Austin, Texas)

*** "THE DEMANDS that I speak in Hindi do not emanate out of any love for Hindi, but out of fear of my atrocious English."

(Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee joking about his English adding that British fled the sub-continent only because they had become 'intolerably sick' of the way Indians speak English)

*** "EMBARASSED AT the new package, he has not accepted the increase . . . It's not for public relations purposes, but just that he does not feel comfortable with it."

(South African Education Minister Kader Asmal saying that President Thabo Mbeki refused a 13 per cent pay hike to set an example for the politicians to lead by example)

*** "I FEEL I have more might with my stones when I am challenging a fully armed soldier."

(Fourteen-year-old Palestinian Abu Hamda, the companion of 15-year-old stone throwing boy Ahmad shot dead by Israeli troops, explaining the popularity of Resistance against Israel)

*** "WE DIDN'T expect it to take so long."

(Anaesthetist Claire Ang on the marathon five-day operation that successfully separated 11-month old Nepali twins by a team of 20 specialists in Singapore)

*** "A DECADE of sanctions have resulted in the deaths of more than 1.5 million people, including 500,000 children under the age of five."

(A nine-member delegation of American Muslims after its return from a week's visit to Iraq quoting UN figures and demanding lifting of sanctions which caused heavily human casualties on Iraq)

*** "TOLEDO DOESN'T belong to the ruling class. He has come from the lower class. He can say, 'At least I have lived like the common people have' . . . he can say offer something different than the other candidates."

(A Peruvian student expressing jubilation on the winning of top votes by Alejandro Toledo in presidential election)

*** "IT HAS all sorts of humorous overtones in America because it is a symbol of the Republican Party."

(Former US president Bill Clinton joking about being atop an elephant, the symbol of his Republican Party, his political opponents, in Jaipur, India)

*** "I WANTED to point out that people of colour are viewed through a veil of criminality . . . as someone less American than other Americans, therefore people with less rights. Not just by law enforcement but the guy behind the counter at the convenience store and whoever."

(US Rock star Bruce Sprinsteen commenting on his new Album 'American Skin' which deals with racial issues in America)

*** "HEMOPURE IS MADE using hemoglobin from cattle blood that has had all its proteins removed and then is purified."

(CEO of Biopure, the company which has developed blood substitute. South Africa has become the first country in the world to approve its use for transfusions on humans undergoing surgery)