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Apr 16 - 22, 2001

In this age of e-commerce, where the use of Internet has become almost a necessity, Kalia Group has come up with a unique idea of providing free services through their Website. KalPoint.Com is the first and largest interactive portal of Pakistan, offering more than 20 free services in about 20,000 pages, which help you in saving the ever-increasing cost of your time and fuel just by one click of your mouse. Now you don't need to pay thousands of rupees to different service providers. We bring global buyers and sellers of various services and products on one platform, no matter where they are. KalPoint.Com is benefiting everyday thousands of netizens.

KalPoint.com is very user friendly; the user simply has to fill in a form to place an Ad and the system immediately shows the results. If no match available at that particular time, the user would be emailed by the system as soon as a match is found according to his/her requirement, thus his/her entry is not wasted.

Following are few of the services Kalia Group offers at KalPoint.com.

Education: A complete e-guidance to the education related matters for students, teachers and parents. We also have tuition/faculty resources available in this section. Karachi Board's results can also be viewed here before they appear in other periodicals, with all the exam's schedules and five years papers.

Employment: The best place for job seekers and providers! All you need to do is fill in the data and get an immediate match according to your requirement. National and Multinational organizations put their job placements daily.

Automobiles: The perfect place for buyers and sellers of new and used automobiles. You simply have to fill in a form and you will be informed when a match is available. It's as simple as ABC.

Real Estate: Now you can get free information to buy, sell, or rent property yourself anytime, anywhere to anyone .Our search system is basically made for C2C, so now one can save money by not paying any commission to any mediator agency. The process of giving information through forms is similar.

ITWorld: Here you may find latest news and views from the world of Information Technology plus important issues confronting the IT arena.

Matrimonial: Matches are made in heaven! And Your match is just a click away from You. We have more than 20,000 proposals in our database.

KalTimes: This is an infotainment e-zine with latest news, fashion updates, games, reviews, talent gallery, comics, hot gossip from Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood and lots more...have fun.

Running Business: If you have decided to buy or sell a business, then this category is the right place for you. We excel in providing services for people who are interested in buying or selling businesses.

Computer Hardware: A complete arena of computers, where trade of new and used computers of different brands is available. An advisory service is also available to solve your computer related problems.

Hajj & Umrah: A comprehensive e-guidance to perform Hajj & Umrah.with attractive packages offered by different operators. Can be viewed in Urdu as well.

Prize Bonds: It has never been so easy to check prize bonds! Just type in your bond numbers and the system will respond to the record of all possible wins. Our checking system is 100% error free and not a single error has been reported so far.

Virtual Vault: Your everlasting personalized Locker on Net to keep your prize bonds (numbers only) in a safe and secured way. Save yourself from the hassle of checking of your PBs time and again. Just get registered, free of cost, and let our system do the rest for You.

Tetra Search: A unique section where you can make Four Search Engines of your choice work for you at a time.

em@il: A complete web based email with 5 MB space and a beautiful layout with various options to personalize your inbox. Our system has a unique translation system with all major features available on other web-based emails of the world. Create your em@il a/c at KalPoint.com and have the chance to become a 'Millionaire'.

Forex: This category provides global Forex updates including open market and interbank forex rates in Pakistan with a unique option of open market's archive of last nine years.

KalLoot: KalLoot is a category of KalPoint, which has several daily needs pertaining to different walks of life. We provide a platform on Net where sellers place some special deals, exclusively for KalPoint.com's users.

Team Behind KalPoint.com: The team behind KalPoint.com is a union of highly experienced and young professionals, who are patriotic, energetic, enthusiastic, skilled and well qualified from national and international institutions of repute.

Kalia Group's mission is to create an IT culture in Pakistan and invites You to join hands to bring Pakistan's name on the realm of the IT world.

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