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!title16.jpg (40874 bytes)The IT industry of Pakistan registered a sharp relative increase last year. The otherwise welcomed growth, however, offers causes for concern as the share of the software indicates a decrease in the overall IT outlay. PAGE highlights the challenges that it poses and the strengths of the domestic software industry to better address the situation.



Hubco, country's largest power producing project in the private sector may start direct supply to KESC by the end of the year 2001.
S. Khurshid Husain, the Chief Executive of Hubco Power Company, disclosed that at present two technical teams comprising representatives of the government of Pakistan, WAPDA, Hubco and KESC are studying various aspects of, both the technical and financial, to accomplish the task.

In order to market their products, trade delegations of textile machinery producing countries like France, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and India are frequently visiting Pakistan to have a share in Rs333 billion MBR plan.
APTMA has suggested to the textile machinery producers to offer innovate scheme with financing package to attract the end users.

Preparation of budget for year 2000-2001 is not an easy task. Though, the country has been meeting most of the targets agreed with the IMF, a near-drought like situation is expected to affect production of various food and cash crops and ultimately GDP growth rate. At the same time increasing CBR-related revenues remains a big question.