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Science & Technology

By Syed M.Aslam
Apr 09 - 15, 2001

*** "I THOUGHT he had a little character when he said that he would not surrender. Now we know not only that he's a bad politician, we know he's a coward."

(Former Yugoslavian prime minister Milan Panic commenting on the arrest of former president Slobodan Milosevic, the 'Balkan Butcher' responsible for 'ethnic cleansing' which killed thousands of defenseless Muslims)

*** "THE PRESIDENT has an unacceptable attitude and we demand that he step down from his function as head of the High Council of Magistrates."

(Head of French Magistrates' Union, Evelyn e Sire-Marin, speaking at a rally protesting President Jacques Chirac's denouncing a magistrate for summoning him in a Paris sleaze inquiry. The rally demanded Chirac to testify as an ordinary citizen in municipal corruption probe during his stint as Mayor of Paris)

*** "TO QUOTE Mark Twain, 'The first of April' is the day we remember what we are like the other 364 days of the year.'"

(New York-based public relations consultant Jeff Barge whose April Fool's Day survey voted the two-time former president Bill Clinton the 'most foolish American')

*** "IN MY SENTENCES I go where no man has gone before . . . I've expanded the definition of words themselves using valcanise when I meant polarise, Grecians when I meant Geeks, inebriating when I meant exhilarating and instead of barriers and tariffs, I said terriers and bariffs and you know what, life goes on."

(US President George W. Bush jokingly referring to his much criticised grammatical gaffes at his second solo news conference)

*** "WE ARE TRYING to teach the people not be afraid of anything and be clear and honest to talk about anything . . . and we're also trying to teach people in power to know that when they are really at fault they have to admit they are at fault."

(Publisher and cartoonist of Syria's first independent newspaper Al-doumari in decades, Ali Farzat, explaining the popularity of the newspaper which spawns a black market in used copies)

*** "VERY SELDOM do other countries get involved when the elephants are pitted against each other."

(Philippines President Gloria Arroyo stressing Manila is maintaining a neutral stance between the US-China standoff over the seizing of US spy plane alongwith 24 crew by China)

*** "HAVING A WIFE at home would have obviate any such problems for the prime minister."

(Poet Surendra Sharma humorously suggesting that had Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee been married, he could have avoided much of his current political woes at the hand of women politicians at a function where Vajpayee was also present)

*** "MANY THINGS have happened though nothing has changed. The situation with regard to certain issues that are vital to humanity has deteriorated."

(Cuban President Fidel Castro warning that a new Cold War and arms race loomed on the horizon at the opening of the 105th summit of the Inter-parliamentary Union participated by some 1,400 legislators from 120 nations at Havana)

*** "````THE CHINESE side has every right to carry out investigation, so the crew members are in China, because the investigation is going on."

(Chinese Foreign Minister Jang Jiaxuan defending the seizure of the US spy plane and its 24 crew)

*** "IT IS A MATTER of life and death for us. Eighty percent of our islands are just one metre above sea level. Any rise in the sea level will have a severe impact on Maldives. The Maldivian people will become environmental refugees."

(Director of Environmental Affairs of Maldives saying the US' decision to reject the Kyoto treaty on global warming would mean disaster for small island nations. The highest point on any of the islands is only about three metres above the sea level)

*** "THOSE WHO protest against 'globalisation' appear too often to be self-designated representatives of developing country interests."

(Chairman of Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, telling the US Congress that the reversal of globalisation process will be a tragedy)