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!title14.jpg (48145 bytes)The fertilizer industry in Pakistan has flourished and grown due to forward looking vision of the producers. The GoP has all along supported the industry to achieve self-sufficiency in food and accelerate GDP growth rate. There seems to be only two crucial factors: gas price and duty rate on plant and machinery. The delay in announcing new fertilizer policy is not allowing the sponsors to make fresh investment and privatization of Saudi Pak Fertilizer is being delayed. Cover Story explores the reasons for delay, resistance against subsidy on gas and the impact of delay in expansion and privatization.

The acute water shortage is feared to take a heavy toll on agriculture sector of the country, particularly in the arid Sindh. With the start of Kharif, summer crop season, the shortage would result in the delayed sowing of Cotton in an economy which is heavily cotton-driven. The low water availability will also result in delayed sowing of Rice, another important cash crop.

On one hand, WAPDA & KESC always demand for increase in electricity charges, the quality of power supply continue to worsen. The captive consumers however have no option but to suffer the hardships due to breakdowns and load shedding and pay more on the other hand, what a funny situation.

Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Governor SBP, feels that without availability of adequate venture capital it may be difficult to achieve targeted growth of IT industry. International investors having enough funds should be attracted to provide venture capital for IT projects in Pakistan.