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Mar 26 - Apr 01, 2001

Hewlett Packard, a global provider of computing and imaging solutions and services, will be the co-sponsor of this year's ITCN Asia 2001 Conference and one of the largest participants at the Exhibition. This Exhibition provides an excellent platform for the Infocomm industries in Pakistan to gain international recognition.

HP's goal has always been to deliver all the technology and business support that customers need across all their IT needs, in every corner of the world. Their strategy is to offer easy to buy, easy to use, easy to own IT products, solutions and services tailored to enable customers to successfully meet the challenges of the Internet Age.

HP is focused on making technology and its benefits accessible to individuals and businesses through a combination of three factors — information appliances, useful e-services and an Internet infrastructure that is always "on". Harnessing the power of the Internet is essential for any company to succeed in the fast moving Internet Age and IDC predicts that by the end of this year 29% of people who go online will purchase a good or service. This will translate into an incredulous $ 1.6 trillion being spent on Internet commerce by 2003. HP wants to help companies take advantage of this growth potential, and maximize on the opportunities the Internet can offer, rather than seeing it as a challenge or a barrier to be crossed. Essentially, HP wants to allow the Internet to work for its customers rather than them having to work for the Internet.

HP's vision is based on the belief that the power of technology now lies at the intersection of three forces: "always on" infrastructure, information appliances and e-services. These three areas can be seen as follows;


HP's vision for the customer in this new Internet Age is that any application or business process has the ability to be delivered as a service across the Net.

Everyday literally millions of e-services are being created to simplify every aspect of the way we work and live today. For example, HP's printing division offers several "printing e-services", such as the recent alliance with NewspaperDirect.com which allows customers to print International newspapers, locally, on demand, from their printer.

Information appliances

HP believes that appliances such as PCs, cellular phones, pagers, printers of PDAs should be simple and pervasive, and able to simplify and enhance the lives of the customer. These information appliances should be useful and in-tune with the lifestyle of the customer, being able to deliver e-services to them via the Net.

"Always on" Infrastructure

HP's vision is that useful e-services should be able to be "always running" on an "always on Infrastructure", deliverable by information appliances which are simple and personal. This "always on Infrastructure" should meet the medands of the customer ie it must be scalable, reliable, available, secure and fast.

HP predicts that over the next decade over 3 trillion dollars will be spent on creating an Internet infrastructure which is robust enough to support the vast number of e-services that will interact in a dynamic way with information appliances, through the Internet.

Being a leader in each of the three vectors — appliances, e-services and an always-on infrastructure, HP is uniquely placed to reside at the intersection of these three vectors, allowing the company to create solutions which combine the advantages of all three vectors.

Commenting on the sponsorship of this conference, Peter Quek, HP Country Manager, Pakistan, said, "We are proud to be a key participant in this important conference and exhibition, and hope to use it as an opportunity to extend our IT partnership in Pakistan, and to develop an infrastructure with total solutions which will help local businesses maximise on the opportunities in the new Internet Age.

"We recognise Pakistan as an important market, and see a lot of opportunities not only for us but also for Pakistan. While we have long been recognised in Pakistan for our printers and are the clear leader in this market, last year we introduced our PCs, desktops and servers into the market, becoming the only IT vendor to offer total solution products in the Pakistani market. More than eighty certified distributors cover the market as well as an efficient after sales service network. We are sure that HP can play an important role in facilitating and supporting the entire IT industry to reach its directions, and we hope we can build a meaningful business and long term partnership in this market".

About HP

Hewlett-Packard Company — a leading global provider of computing and imaging solutions and services — is focused on making technology and its benefits accessible to individuals and businesses through simple appliances, useful e-services and an Internet infrastructure that's always on.

Information about HP and its products can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.hp.com.