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Mar 12 -25, 2001

KalSoft (Pvt) Limited specializes in business software in Business Development, E-Based applications and web Development (E-Commerce) for C2C, B2C, and B2B portal and M-Commerce. KalSoft's mission is to upgrade its customer's business to meet the challenges of the future and to give it an IT edge.

KalSoft, Pakistan's most quality oriented software house, is a project of Kalia Group, well known name in the business and service sector, it has been incorporated with the intention of undertaking software development of every kind.

It has also developed a number of in house products for education and financial sector. Its aim is to develop a brand name. For this purpose all products have been prefixed with Kal to represent that it has been developed by KalSoft.

Abdul Ghaffar Memon, Chief Executive KalSoft, a dedicated professional, having experience of over 35 years in IT said that their prime consideration is to maintain quality and to that end there will be no compromise. "Excellence is a tradition of Kalia Group and we intend to make KalSoft a house of excellence as well".

He said KalSoft intends to get ISO 9001 certifies, implementation of which has already started, in addition it is also in process to achieve CMM level 3, the first one to have this honour in Pakistan.

KalSoft is managed by a panel of experts having vast experience in IT and business areas, headed by Ghaffar Memon, who recently bestowed NCR IT Excellence Award for being an IT Pioneer in Pakistan for the period 1987-1998 and 1997-2000. Director Software Development of KalSoft Khurram H. Kalia, is a multiple gold medallist from FAST National University of Computers & Emerging Sciences and Genius-2000 as has recently been declared by very reputed Karachi Club.

We always intended to explore foreign markets and in this regard made many foreign collaborations and signed several MOUs with overseas companies of USA and Singapore, who will work as marketing arm for software developed and to be developed by KalSoft, we are also exploring IT markets in Middle East, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, and Malaysia. We have also attained registrations and affiliations with many local and foreign organizations to serve its purpose, he said.

Joint venture

KalSoft has opened an office in Dubai under a joint venture agreement with Providence Holding Inc., a US based IT firm. We will provide technical support while marketing by US firm. Later we will also open an office in Singapore and US. We hope to get orders for software both from home and abroad, said Ghaffar Memon. Kalsoft will move into its new software house soon in Karachi and proposes to have major offices in major cities of Pakistan.

He stressed that KalSoft's main concentration will be towards exporting quality software that not only earns precious foreign exchange for the country, but also promote Pakistan as an emerging software market. Apart from creating IT awareness in the country, KalSoft provides equal opportunity to young and qualified professionals on pure merit basis.

Ghaffar Memon who was earlier associated with MCB, the largest private bank of Pakistan as head of its IT department, said KalSoft has already completed a number of projects in the shape of KalPoint.com, financial packages of Khanani & Kalia (the first authorized foreign exchange dealer in Pakistan) and Kalia Security vaults (Pvt) Ltd. It has also developed a software package for tracking and monitoring projects. The aim is to reduce time and cost consumed during communication between clients and the company personnel. Kalsoft also provides companies and individuals with web hosting facilities on very competitive prices.

KalEd, is developed to facilitate facets of Distant Learning, developed by KalSoft, facilitates all kinds of e-based learning and trading. KalEd is a revolutionary Idea, which will be a breakthrough in the prevailing conventionalism of the monotonous structure of educational environment. It is an interactive virtual university software which is a unique concept and its one of its kind.

"Since it provides the infrastructure for educating and training we have named this software as KalEd-KalSoft Education, it can facilitate online teaching at schools, colleges and universities. It can also facilitate online corporate training programs," said Ghaffar Memon.

He said Kalsoft has taken initiative in Pakistan and successfully developed software of virtual university for the first time in the country, this concept has been given warm welcome both by the public and private sector and days are not too far when the concept of distant learning would be a household name in Pakistan also.

Crucial time

He felt that Pakistan is passing through the most crucial time of its economic history. The next five years are very crucial for any country, which desire to be on board. "God forbid, if we missed this opportunity of getting in this bus of information technology age, we would have to wait for the next bus, which is not insight in near future."