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Internet offers unique opportunity for Pakistani business and trade to reach new international markets like never before. e-commerce, an internet tool, is not only cost effective to offer online selling but also to improve the administrative and production efficiency. The question is: Can we afford to survive in global isolation in the wired world of today?



The recipients of the Top 25 Companies awards are a shining example of good corporate governance. Some of the companies have been winning this award for more than ten years. The others, particularly textile companies, should emulate them. Investors should also start looking towards equities market as it offers better return compared to other avenues.

The cut in oil prices may effectively help doing away with the nuisance of diesel-kerosene adulteration, reduction in overall transportation charges and a substantial saving to the tune of over Rs1 billion to the government on account of partial deregulation of freight pool system in Pakistan.

Despite having the best flavour, Pakistan's juicy mangoes continue to suffer an embargo on its exports for the last 40 years imposed by the United States of America in 1960. Following suit, Australia and Japan also put a ban on Pakistani mangoes for fruit flies supposedly present in Pakistani mangoes. A Vapour Heat Treatment Plant is being set up at Karachi to overcome the problem.