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Pakistan Steel Campus

A joint-venture between Hamdard University and Pakistan Steel

Feb 28 - Mar 05, 2000

Hamdard University, in collaboration with Pakistan Steel, is setting up another campus at the premises of the steel complex.

This was disclosed by Prof. Col.(R) Wali Khan Durrani, the Chief Executive Officer City and Clifton Campuses, in an informal chat with PAGE.

Elaborating the salient features of the Pakistan Steel Campus, Col. Durrani said that it is a joint venture between Hamdard University and Pakistan Steel which is aimed at providing assistance to Human Resource Development Programme of the Steel Mill. The curricula of the new campus has been specially designed for the benefit of lower and middle class workforce of the Pakistan Steel beside the general population living in the adjoining areas of the Pakistan Steel.

Pakistan Steel has provided space for this upcoming project which is in its advance stage and may go into operation probably in the first half of the current year, Col. Durrani added.

It may be recalled that recently inaugurated Clifton Campus of Hamdard University has already started its first academic session from first week of the current month.

When asked about the philosophy behind setting up of a number of Campuses of Hamdard University at different locations of the city, the Chief Executive Officer said that the prime objective is to spread the light of knowledge wherever the humanity is suffering from ignorance, which was the obsession of Shaheed Hakim Mohammad Saeed, Col. Durrani said. That dream was translated into reality with establishment of Hamdard University which can be treated as a living message of Hakim Mohammad Said he left for the humanity.

Col. Durrani was of the view that since it is the knowledge which differentiate the mankind from other species on earth, seeking knowledge must be on top priority of the man.

Col. Durrani, although having a clarity in his approach and a firm direction of view about the significance of knowledge in life, he was quite a different person while expressing his inner feelings about human values.

He said that skill in two way communication is one of the real purposes of education which helps developing a real harmony among the mankind and a genuine community approach. The best people among the comity of nations are those who have the knowledge of communication because the communication provides the road which leads to success. "Just have a look at different nations of the world and you would find that the developed nations are much ahead in the science of communication. The current explosion of Information Technology is also the part of the communication", Col.Durrani observed.

Elaborating his point of view, Col. Durrani said, skill in communication is stretched over all segments of human society be it economic, financial, industrial developments and even for reinforcement of all noble values prevailing in human society. Refining and polishing the human conduct based on human values is the soul of the knowledge which helps one to treat others purely on humanitarian grounds and not in terms of the social or financial status of a person.

He regretted over the trend lately developed among the youngsters who go to educational institutions only to get degrees on commercial grounds alone to seek "Nokari" (Jobs).

Of course, the economic consideration is an essential part of every strata of life because everything is economics and nothing could be economics if the human conduct has not been developed as a combination of economic and moral values.

Emphasizing the significance of knowledge, he said that lack of knowledge leads to discriminations in the society on different considerations. As against that knowledge advocates a culture of merit which is the key of success in all spheres of life, Col. Durrani cited this criterion for cultivation of a harmonized culture among different groups in the human society.